calibrating your pedometer - distance measuring device

by:UMeasure     2019-09-21
calibrating your pedometer  -  distance measuring device
There are hundreds of pedometers on the market, and while many do all sorts of things, some of which have nothing to do with walking or running, they are all designed to do one less thing: measure how many steps you have taken and use them to calculate how far you have gone.
If all you're interested in is how many steps you 've taken, clip the pedometer on your belt and start walking.
But if you want to know how far or how far you have gone in a day or week, then you have to give the pedometer some information about yourself.
Specifically, the pedometer must know your stride.
This article will tell you how to measure this length to calibrate your pedometer correctly.
First of all, it should be noted that according to certain factors, your stride will change a lot in your daily life.
For example, when you run, your stride will be longer than when you walk.
When you go uphill, your stride may be shorter instead of walking on a level.
Walking with a group of people can cause you to move at different speeds and steps as you will compensate your partner for the movement.
Walking the dog will allow you to go from short steps to long steps based on what your dog thinks, but this is a different time.
So one of the steps, if necessary, is to compensate for these differences.
Okay, let's start the calibration process.
You need some places where you can measure the distance of about 60 to 70 feet (18. 3 to 21. 3 meters).
The sidewalk in front of your home is good, or there is a large parking lot or school yard.
You need a measuring device, such as a 100-inch tape measure.
You should plan to measure at least four steps: walking normally, walking briskly or fast, jogging and running.
All these programs are the same.
Select a starting point and mark it;
Then take ten steps normally and mark the end point.
Measure the length with a tape measure and record the results.
Divide the result by 12, giving the number of inches per step.
Repeat the process for brisk walks, jogging, and running.
For all of this, you may want to start a few steps behind the starting point you set up earlier so that you can move forward at the appropriate pace in all ten steps.
If you know that in your day-to-day life you are going to walk at normal speed and just walk, then you can walk with the steps you calculate.
Read the Instructions for entering this information into the pedometer.
However, if you combine part of your walking time with running or jogging, then you will have to use the average measurement of all these big steps.
Just add the total number you calculated and divided by four, or the number of steps you measured.
This gives you a number smaller than your running pace but longer than your walking pace.
Some pedometer will give you the stride you choose to walk and run, but that means you have to tell the pedometer while walking and running.
If you do these two things in your daily life, it seems to be a big trouble.
We will therefore adjust this.
There is another step to be done in this process.
Drive the car along the regular path to determine the correct distance for that path.
Then go the same way with your pedometer.
If the pedometer gives you a much longer or shorter distance than your pedometer registration, then you must adjust the stride you enter into the pedometer.
If the distance you register is longer than the distance measured with your car, then you have to re-enter a few inches of short steps.
Again, if your pedometer measures a shorter distance than your car mileage meter, add a few inches to the stride.
Once you have completed the work in a few days, then you will get a result that will allow you to measure the distance you walk through your daily life well.
When you are walking or running in your daily life, you can use this information as a great motivation.
Now that you 've set up your pedometer correctly, clip it on your belt and start walking!
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