buy digital measuring tape How to Increase the Size of a Knitted Garment

by:UMeasure     2019-07-04
A knitted sweater that is too small is not necessarily disappointing.If it's just a little bit more comfortable, stretch it a little while blocking and it's easy to make it bigger.Avoid future problems by measuring the recipient's body and using some techniques to amplify the pattern.
This may be as simple as using a needle larger or larger than the pattern requirement and a slightly heavier yarn.It is more complicated to recalculate the stitching and row count to increase the width and length, but it is not difficult.Migrant workers with some experience and math skills can add size with few questions.
Fill the sweater with water and roll it up with a towel.Press on it or step on it and squeeze out excess water from the sweater.It should be wet, not wet.Use the second dry towel if necessary.Since this can damage the yarn fibers, avoid screwing or twisting the sweater.
Place dry towels on a hard and flat surface.The table, cork board, mattress, foam mattress pad or special blocking board on the floor can work.Lay the sweater flat on the blocking surface and push it into the approximate shape.
Stretch the sweater slightly to the desired size until a full size.Use the ruler for accurate dimensions.The tape measure can be stretched and an inaccurate measurement result is given.Avoid clogging the crack because it will cause it to lose some elasticity.
Nail the sweater to the towel with a rust-proof pin, away from the sun or heat.Allow dry air.Before knitting a sweater, make accurate body measurements with a tape measure.Weave a sample to get the needle needed per inch and the line per inch.
Sample was measured with needle distance.
The sweater can be enlarged to fit enough with a slightly larger needle or a slightly thicker yarn.You may need to buy an extra yarn or two because the thicker yarn has fewer yards per ounce.Pull the long sleeves and body by weaving a few more rows.
Accurate lineper-Inch gauge is required to get the correct length.Buy an extra ball or yarn to make sure you have enough money to finish the sweater.Use the calculator to multiply the individual body measurements by the stitches per inch and the number of rows per inch.
This is how many needles need to be cast and woven.In order to remove the extra stitching, the sleeve holes, the sleeve top and the neckline may require more reduction.Make sure to buy extra yarn so you don't run out in the middle of your sleeve.
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