bushnell range finders make target acquisition easy - small laser measuring device

by:UMeasure     2019-09-06
bushnell range finders make target acquisition easy  -  small laser measuring device
When you are tracking large games or dangerous games outside, you often need to take a photo from a distance of 500 to 600 yards.
Bushnell range ders accurately selects a target using measurement laser technology and accurately tells you how far the target is.
The distance is displayed immediately within plus or minus 1 code.
Number of yards, professional range, finding instruments, built-in-
In the "through lens" LCD display, the information is delivered quickly and clearly.
With an invisible eye
Safety, Level 1 laser, press the button and the beam will bounce back from your target. A high-
The speed internal measuring device calculates the distance by measuring the time it takes for the laser beam signal to hit the target and bounce back.
You can see the distance by size or meter.
In less than a second, you can press the button with the Bushnell range ders.
You can measure the distance of objects depending on their reflectivity.
It is possible to measure the hard surface that better reflects the light at a further distance. Soft things -like deer -
It will be more difficult to measure at a larger distance.
Bushnell Range ders has several features to help you locate more accurately: Rain-
Precipitation affects the accuracy reading, so there is a setting to compensate for the rainfall. Scan -
These functions give you a constant distance display when you point to different objects. Bull's-eye -
Dr. can range finder with span
Get the hair at close range.
This allows you to zero in small games without accidentally measuring the background target. Brush -
The foreground is ignored by this setting (
For example, brush, tree, branch)
And only the distance of the background object is displayed (
Like a deer or an elephant). ARC -
Angle range compensation will give you a real horizontal distance when in Bow mode (
Useful when shooting from a tree rack)
When in rifle mode, the bullet drops in inches.
Bushnell range ker gives you the features you need to drop the game in any range the device can reach.
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