boy's high-risk laser toy leaves him with sight loss - green laser level

by:UMeasure     2020-03-09
boy\'s high-risk laser toy leaves him with sight loss  -  green laser level
An 11-year-
The beam of a green laser indicator bought as a toy has permanent eye damage to the old boy.
Burned his retina. the light-
Sensitive behind the eyes-leaving a 1.
5mm scar, increase the risk of his development center
Blind Vision
Dr. Dianne Sharp, his eye specialist, and his mother want the government to follow other countries and limit access to high
Electric Laser indicator.
Although relevant regulations are being formulated, laser sales are still not restricted.
Their call came after the Airline Pilots Association called for regulatory action.
The Association expressed concern about the number of cases in which laser pointers hit aircraft in the air
At least 17 this year.
This can distract or dazzle the pilots at night, causing the plane to crash.
The equipment was also used against police, sports stars and car drivers.
They are used as lecture pointers or pointing out the direction of the stars, but usually they are sold as toys or gimmicks, dangerous and unnecessarily powerful. The 11-year-
His family asked for anonymity, and during a family holiday in Thailand in January, he bought the his200 milliwatt laser indicator for $15.
His mother said that in June, he played the pen.
There's a friend in his bedroom sleeping. over.
After that, a vague spot appeared in his field of vision.
His mother later learned that when he took the pointer into the mirror, he had pulled his right eye up and was temporarily hit by a reflection.
Family members know not to shine light directly into the eyes, but don't know the risk of reflecting the beam, she said.
The boy's right eye lost some visual clarity and lowered the reading level of the eye
Test the chart with three print sizes, but since there is no laser in the left eye, his overall vision is not greatly affected.
"We have to be extra --
"Because he is slightly damaged, so protect his eyesight," his mother said . ".
"I don't think so, because [the pointer]
It looks like something interesting and fashionable.
It does have this warning, but we have to remove the magnifying glass later to see it: "Danger, radiation, avoid direct exposure to the eyes ".
"There is a need to raise public awareness of the potential damage they are easily accessible and can happen so quickly.
"Voluntary standards for this equipment are not enough," Dr. Sharp said . "
Consumers do not understand the classification system. A class-
Three green lasers of 200 MW are very dangerous.
"Laser pointers are available for: * lectures and presentations.
The National Radiation Laboratory says 1 milliwatt of energy is strong enough.
* Amateur astronomy for pointing stars and aiming telescopes.
The lab says it needs 50 megawatts.
Unsafe use * Do not give any laser pointer to the child as a toy.
* Don't aim at a person, especially the eyes, or the mirror.
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