botox offered for sale illegally on ebay - self leveling laser levels for sale

by:UMeasure     2020-03-26
botox offered for sale illegally on ebay  -  self leveling laser levels for sale
According to RealSelf, Despite eBay's attempts to prevent sellers from offering illegal Botox kits, Botox can still be found on auction sites. com.
Online beauty magazine found this: a seller in Texas has provided 100 units for Botox cosmetic auction shoppers in aution.
Sellers sell their goods by explaining themselves
Botox injection is easy and saves money.
"When I received this treatment at the spa, I started to think that it was not difficult after watching the girl at MedSpa for my treatment, start talking to her about the choice to do it at home.
She was able to get the number of products they used at the spa and let me use them at home and share them with my friends (
Mainly other mothers).
I'm just a real person and want to share my amazing findings and maybe make a little money in the process.
"Given that Botox is administered by injection, something terrible.
BNET's quick search found that various suspicious medical services were provided on eBay, mainly for vanity purposes.
Here is one: the treatment of Extender100 % Natural guarantees to remove fine lines by relaxing the small muscles that cause wrinkles, enhance the ability of the skin to maintain moisture & restore the natural elastic complex of plant extracts and peptides to help the skin's regenerative skin wear and laser, your collagen will also appear!
The advertisement showed that a woman received an injection of the skin Association's therapeutic X serum.
The picture above is their advertisement.
EBay had previously tried to remove illegal drug sales on the site.
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