boeing wants to fight forest fires with artillery: patent reveals radical concept to blast blazes with howitzers - best distance measuring device

by:UMeasure     2019-11-11
boeing wants to fight forest fires with artillery: patent reveals radical concept to blast blazes with howitzers  -  best distance measuring device
With wild fires raging from California to southern Spain, scientists are coming up with more aggressive ways to stop them from spreading.
Boeing's latest idea is to use military weapons with firepower.
To prevent the fire from spreading to nearby areas, slow-speed ammunition can be used.
Aerospace group recently applied for a "fire" patent
A deceleration shell based on the howitzers.
The downward rolling of the video howitzer is a shell with a relatively short barrel using a small amount of propellant.
This means that shells travel relatively high at a steep drop angle.
Perfect for fire fighting.
At present, firefighters put out fires with gallons of chemicals
Such as boron or ammonium phosphate mixed with water-
From a helicopter or plane.
While this is more efficient than putting out fires with trucks and water guns, Boeing believes the fire is still relatively slow.
To build a plane.
For a relatively small 28-acre fire, it will take about 7 acres.
It takes 6 hours to deliver the required 6,469 gallons of fire
Boeing wrote in its patent application: "deceleration materials. 'During the 7.
In 6 hours, a relatively small 28-acre fire has the potential to grow and burn about 100 acres of land.
Its idea is to contain forest fires by firing shells full of fireretardant.
According to this patent, one to six gallons of material can be packed in each case.
Safely placed dozens of miles from the fire, cannons like the wild howitzers seen in the last war in Iraq, can be bombarded with two rounds of relentless fire every minute.
It is estimated that a medium
Five, six batteries of the size of the durian gun can complete the fire work
About half the time it crashed the helicopter.
Shells firing fire
The payload must be specifically designed to suppress.
The Boeing application shows that each shell will be a complex hi-
Technologies that include timers, gauges, accelerometer, global positioning devices, temperature sensors, pressure sensors, or distance measuring devices.
In this way, these chemicals will be transported where needed --
Stop it from spreading on or around the fire.
While Boeing's proposal may not be the ultimate panacea for a forest fire
Fire cannons can be used as an effective complement to aircraft and other firepower.
Combat technology currently in use.
As troops around the world are phasing out many cannons, Boeing's system can take advantage of the supply of a large number of war guns.
It is unclear whether Boeing intends to continue the project outlined in its patents.
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