bmw uses fear factor to rally staff in pivot to electrics - laser sensor

by:UMeasure     2020-03-06
bmw uses fear factor to rally staff in pivot to electrics  -  laser sensor
In a bright auditorium at an abandoned airport near Munich, rows of men and women stare at the pictures that flashed through the big screen: a Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and Jaguar SUVs, Elon Musk's face
"We are in an electric attack," said moderator dinness, when a photo of Tesla's president appeared.
"This must be taken very seriously.
The audience is made up of bmwag ag employees who fly to a pep rally/horror film designed to scare themvery afraid —
About the future of this industry.
Take-out: The market is changing in ways unimaginable a few years ago and BMW has to adapt.
Subtext is a recognition of the company from the leader to the backward.
Over the years, it has set a benchmark for luxury goods, but it needs to reach an accelerator to defend against recovering competitors such as Mercedes-Benz.
New competitors such as Mercedes and Tesla.
"BMW is lagging behind in electrical," said Ingo Speich, a joint investment fund manager with a close stake in the company.
The automaker has cycled 14,000 engineers, marketers and factory managers since January
About 10 of its labor force
Prepare customers for ordering robots through a full day of activities
Take a taxi with the app instead of buying a car.
In a makeshift building on the BMW test track, they attended workshops and discussions on car-sharing applications, laser sensors and batteries.
In the corner, BMW shows what it thinks is the key to the future: Self
Drive iNext with retractable steering wheel and roller-
The roof and sides of Royce are open, allowing for a comfortable exit, a mini car designed for sharing that can change the color according to the driver's mood.
"It's easy to get stuck in a closed way of thinking," said Jutta Schwerdtle, a market leader engaged in market research.
"It helps to push people out of trouble.
Driven by ceo Harald Krueger, the training effort was carried out with concern that he did not do enough to cope with the challenges.
While BMW continues to keep record revenues and profits, it lost sales to Mercedes last year.
Executives of new technology pioneers have left.
The two leaders of the power initiative turned to China's e-commerce
As the German company becomes less and less bold about new models, car start-ups and top designers have withdrawn from the competition.
It's hard to build interest in its high versionend 7-
Series sedan, and 5-
Compared with the positive transformation of Mercedes-Benz, the series is meek.
"We are either part of this shift or continue without us," said Wolfgang Auber, who hosted taxi giants such as Uber and Didi Chuxing in China.
BMW was the first model to transform into an electric vehicle, launching its first model. alone battery-
2013 i3 compact electric and plug-in
A year later, the hybrid i8 Coupe.
Recently, however, it is more concerned aboutthe-
The sales of existing car hood conversions and their appliances have lagged behind Tesla and Nissan Leaf.
BMW plans to launch two new batteries
By the end of the century, its first self-driving car
The driving mode will not expire until 2021.
Tesla is preparing to challenge BMW's bread --and-butter 3-
Mercedes will launch an upgraded version of S-this fall-
It says class cars that can be self
Navigate from country lanes to self-driving at speeds of over 190 kilometers per hour.
"BMW has lost leadership in innovation," said Jurgen Pieper, an analyst at Bankhaus Metzler in Frankfurt.
"It's not brave enough to get into pioneering projects and do something really new.
"This raises the importance of iNext, which is a lowslung, copper-
You can see the color car of the butterfly door at the pep rally.
In the bright spotlight, attendees gaze at the prototype-its kidneys --
The shaped grille protrudes forward and looks a bit like a rabbit tooth. The self-
Driving electric will replace 7-
As the company's flagship product in 2021, Kruger issued the series last year.
Still, BMW will rely on 7-
Over the years, the series and other traditional gas consumers have funded the transition.
The rally starts with a demo recorded by Kruger and is viewed with virtual
Reality goggles
Luxury behavior that emphasizes the importance of adopting new technologies.
Virtual Kruger warns participants to make changes "do all your efforts and energy.
After lunch, the smoked black line Lotus, the West Molina dumplings and kale will shake the energy.
The staff sitting on the unstable foam cube in the sultry room for the meeting of the driverless car had no problem when the Q & A time arrived --
Although their work may depend on the understanding of these systems.
Nevertheless, Michael Manz, who developed sensors for himself
The event helped him better understand BMW's mission and created a new friendship, he said.
"It reminds us of what we are trying to achieve," he said, sipping pomegranate iced tea between the two meetings.
"It allows us to focus on where we are going.
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