'blink' app enables eye exams at home via smartphone - handheld measurement device

by:UMeasure     2019-10-24
\'blink\' app enables eye exams at home via smartphone  -  handheld measurement device
A start-
Up launched the world's first smartphone-
Auxiliary eye tool, which can check the eyes in a comfortable home and eliminate the bulky machines visible in the eye doctor's office.
The eye check tool is part of the app called "Blink.
It is managed by a technician who uses three handheld devices, replacing the automatic fracturing device, lens meter and photoelectric device, according to the MIT Technical Review.
"The Blink screening process takes about 20 minutes," co-
Founder and chief product officer of Blink.
If the app determines that you need a prescription for glasses, the technician will send the screening results to the optometrist, who will send you a prescription within 24 hours.
Home visits to eye examinations cost $75 (Rs. 4,700).
Blink's first eye examination tool includes a black device that looks like a view
Use a smartphone to tie the master above.
It replaces an automatic optometrist for measuring the level of focus error.
The device uses the flashing app shown on the smartphone display to flash red and green beams on your eyes.
You arrange these beams with a dial, and the application calculates your refraction error by measuring the difference between the position of the beam on the screen and the extent to which you adjust them.
Another device uses a smartphone to measure the prescription strength of your existing glasses.
To do this, the smartphone running the Blink app is placed in the device, the glasses slide between the phone and the device, and the camera of the phone is used to shoot the pattern below the lens of the glasses.
The third device represents phoropter, which helps determine the specific intensity of the lens prescription you need by allowing you to try different lenses and settings while looking at the eye chart.
These tools were developed by EyeNetra, a startup that has worked on smartphones for several yearsconnected eye-exam tools.
Link tools has joined more and more smartphones --
The company hopes that networked diagnostic devices will make it simpler and cheaper for anyone to diagnose health problems.
This may reduce health.
Medical expenses make it easier for people to get medical help, even if they don't live near the doctor's office, the report added.
Currently, Blink is offering eye tests for prescription glasses in New York City.
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