best laser level How to Attach Balusters to Stair Treads

by:UMeasure     2019-07-19
best laser level How to Attach Balusters to Stair Treads
The stair railing consists of a wooden shaft supporting the stair handrail or a decorative carving shaft.The railing can be either straight or square.Column ending with central tears-shaped design.They are installed at intervals of 4 inch or 6 inch, preventing young children from installing through them and accidentally falling off the side of the stairs.Once you have the stair track Manuel post installed and the track center line set up for the stair pedal, you can attach the railing to the stair pedal.Determine the number of railings for each stair pedal by dividing the width of one stair pedal (called Stair pedal) by 4 inch (6 inch if specified by local building regulations) and rounding inFor example, a 10-Inch stair pedal run divided by 4 inch equals 2 1/2.Bypassing this number, there are up to three railings per stair pedal.Depending on the size of the newel post, the top and bottom stair pedals may only need to be fitted with a railing.In this case, the first railing with the newel post on the top and bottom stairs needs to come back from the newel post on the stair pedal 4 inch.Mark the railing center line on the stair pedal with the railing Center-line tool.The tool slides over the side of the stair pedal, close to the front outer corner of the stair skirting or decorative pedal bracket, and the lower lip of the tool touches the stair beam.Find the tick line on the tool corresponding to the type of railing to be installed, for example 1 1/2-Square railing in inches, draw a long line on the stair pedal with a pencil.Mobile railing Center-Align the tool to the front of the stair pedal, and the lower lip touches the riser near the opening of the stair well.Find the corresponding line of the railing type, and then draw a mark with a pencil along the tread that intersects the long line you draw.This is the center line of the first railing;The center of the cross where the lines intersect is where the metal railing screws are drilled.Measure the distance from the riser to the riser at the top of the stair pedal, excluding the noise or decorative decoration of the stairs.This measurement has a corresponding mark at the center of the railing-line tool.Use tools to mark the center line of the second railing using railing spacing dimensions.Center of railing-Line tool on the side of the stairs, as opposed to stringer, 4 inch (or 6 inch, depending on your building code) from the center of the first railing )-line you drew.Find railing size in the center-The line fades and makes a mark on the long line you draw to form a cross of the center line of the second railing.Repeat this process until the center line of all railings is drawn.Use a laser level to align the cross on the stair pedal with the Center on the lower side of the stair track and draw the mark.This is where the top of the railing will be connected to the stair railing.Set each railing in its center-Mark the line and lean the top of the railing against the railing.Use the height of the carpenter to make sure it is straight and then draw a line with the angle or spacing of the track.Cut off the railing at that angle with a diagonal saw.Drill 1-inch-Deep pilot hole with 9/32-The inch drill you draw in the center of the cross on the lower side of the stair pedal and stair railing.Find the center line at the bottom and top of the railing and drill the guide hole.Put the pin screwdriver attachment on the drill bit.The pin screwdriver is used to install the railing screw, the top and bottom of the railing screw are threaded, and there is a smooth center between the two threads and half.Use the drill bit to divide the lower half of the metal railing screw into the stair pedal and the guide hole of the stair track.Tilt the railing and insert the metal railing screw into the guide hole at the top and bottom of the railing.Screw the railing on the metal railing screw and fix it on the stair pedal and stair track.
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