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Recently, some studies have shown that many American teenagers are at risk for a stroke.This is a stroke, and a region of the brain tissue dies due to insufficient oxygen and blood supply in the brain.This happens when the arteries responsible for delivering blood and oxygen to the brain are blocked by plaque or fat deposits (usually cholesterol.
The risk of a stroke, like any other severity and death-Causes illness and can be prevented if the person is only cautious about his or her way of life.In addition, regular monitoring of blood pressure levels is very helpful in preventing the occurrence of hypertension, which is a common symptom of almost all types of strokes.There are many medical instruments that can be used to determine a person's blood pressure condition.
One of them is this blood glucose meter.
This is one of the most basic medical instruments used to measure BP levels.This equipment is also called pressure gauge, there are usually two typesMeasurement and numbers.Digital blood pressure monitors are one of the latest technologies used to determine blood pressure levels.
It consists of a traditional arm cuff and a compact high-sensitivity pneumatic pressure sensor that can quickly detect and convert the patient's BP and then encode the result as a digital signal.The BP device's blood pressure readings from the patient are displayed on a biometric monitor or on a small screen provided with the cuff.The digital blood pressure monitor is a portable device that is very simple to operate.
Today, many medical device sales stores offer this BP device online.On the other hand, the aneroid type of the blood pressure monitor is old-So far, it is still widely used in the market.This type of BP instrument has two important BP devices, the inflatable cuff used to resist blood flow and the mercury or mechanical force meter used to measure pressure.
But in addition to these two important components, other equipment is needed to make the blood pressure device work.These include an inflatable bulb and valve connected to the inflatable cuff via a rubber tube and a stethoscope, which is very important for a manual blood pressure monitor.A thermometer equipped with a mercury force meter is not as convenient as a digital force meter.
However, more doctors still choose to use a pressure measuring device designed with a mercury meter instead of a digital measuring device because it cannot be recalibrated and therefore the BP reading is always accurate
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