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by:UMeasure     2019-07-01
Technicians have long used multi-tester equipment to simplify their work.They help maintain expensive industrial equipment because they can perform accurate electronic measurements of ohms, amps, and volts.They have two variations of numbers and simulations.
However, the use of digital multi-meter is more common because its data can be easily stored and monitored with the help of computers.Today, you can choose between handheld and portable devices or wired, larger, feature-rich devices.However, electronic measuring devices are not always easy.
to-Use and compact.
The first equipment used to measure voltage, Ohm, etc.It can be traced back to 1800.In 1820, the mirror is the first device to measure voltage and resistance.It applies the concept of the Wheatstone bridge and the basic resistance.
However, it has too many parts and therefore cannot be used on site;And very slow.Weston soon replaced it.It features fine metal springs and built-in-The measurement ratio is given in the field magnet.Later, the technology was used in conjunction with the previous technology to make measurements faster and simpler.
A series of shunt resistors are added, which can calculate multiple current ranges with one action.However, the car multimeter was not invented until 1900.British Post Office engineer Donald mccoty has invented an instrument that can easily measure amps, ohms, and volts.
It is made of voltage and precision resistance as well as a moving circle table.These are known as avometers and are widely used in all facilities.Vacuum tube voltmeter, also known as valve voltmeter, is the next product of the invention.
These are accepted by industries around the world as they will be used in conjunction with circuits with high impact.However, it is particularly suitable for 1 euro circuit impedance, so sometimes there is a problem with the lower circuit.The field-effect transistor was introduced with the small change of the voltmeter, followed by the analog transistor.
They have different functions, such as capacitance, frequency, duty cycle, etc.Become a mustEvery technician has tools.Recently, you will find that there are so many features and features that enhance the multi-meter.Some, such as the HVAC multimeter, even come with special applications such as thermocouple probes, computer connections, inductance, etc.
Therefore, from the flow meter to the digital handheld multimeter, The Daily industrial equipment you use to measure the current has been greatly developed
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