bariatric surgery registries: can they contribute to improved outcomes? - laser measuring device manufacturers

by:UMeasure     2020-02-12
bariatric surgery registries: can they contribute to improved outcomes?  -  laser measuring device manufacturers
Purpose of the review: The Clinical Registry systematically collects potential information about patients with a specific disease, who have been implanted with a medical device, or who have received a specific operation.
When these variables are pre-
Including the defined quality indexmarked risk-
Adjusted data may be a valuable resource to provide feedback on results to practitioners, patients, health services and equipment manufacturers, including performance.
Recent findings: some feedback from the clinical registry has had a positive impact on patient care.
The Australian National Joint Registry has identified a hip prosthesis with poor performance and has finally withdrawn from the market.
Feedback from the Victoria Prostate Cancer Registry helps improve patient care and reduce 5-
Annual reporting period.
There are several national and regional registries that collect information about patients with weight loss surgery, however, there is little focus on quality outcome measurements at the moment.
While the current weight loss registration helps to better understand some of the clinical conditions of weight loss surgery, as well as to develop a comprehensive risk score and a culture of measurement quality, they have not yet significantly affected the care of patients directly.
This may reflect the fact that many registries do not have sufficiently mature data for proper analysis, but may also reflect the problems of systematic data collection, the lack of results and the bias caused by the lack of appropriate funding.
In the future, it will be important for the weight loss surgery registry to actively seek to measure and verify their contribution to patient outcomes.
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