balluff named 2019 best of sensors award winner for smartlight indicator - position sensors

by:UMeasure     2020-03-28
balluff named 2019 best of sensors award winner for smartlight indicator  -  position sensors
Balluff won 2019 "best sensor" award.
The company's smart light indicator lights are recognized as 2019 innovative products of the year, highlighting the cutting
Cutting-edge progress and achievements in driving the sensor industry forward.
This week won the award at the sensor Expo and 2019 conference in San Jose, California.
Use the power of IO-
Link, The SmartLight indicator is capable of guiding, guiding and guiding operators in almost any manufacturing task. The new-to-
Market indicators increase productivity and minimize Labor errors by providing innovative personnel guidance in a variety of applicationspick-to-
Lighting system, part placement, part location, format change Guide, etc.
For more information about the SmartLight indicator, see "provide guidance and verification directly on site "-of-
Usage is a growth trend.
Process improvement is huge when operators can focus on their assembly tasks without having to look for process classification and sequence guidance, according to Tom Rosenberg, "balluff, Inc. account Manager, life sciences industry
"We are proud to be recognized as innovators in this industry, which will continue to drive greater returns for our customers.
"Sensor expo and conference is the industry's premier event dedicated to sensors, connectivity, and the internet of things.
The winners of 2019 Best sensor award represent progress in innovation and reality
World applications for sensors, as well as teams and individuals that demonstrate superior engineering and overall intelligence.
"For more than 30 years, the sensor Expo brings together the most exciting technological advances and cutting
Edge applications from the industry.
The winner of this year's best sensor award emphasized distance-
The impact of these innovations has been achieved.
Balluff embodies our commitment to engineering excellence and overall ingenuity, and we are pleased to recognize their efforts in a highly competitive field, "Mat dir, executive editor of Mat cesensors
About BluffsBalluff Inc. is the U. S.
A subsidiary of Germany's newhouson barluff Co. , Ltd.
Balluff is a leading provider of network IO
Link Control system architecture with the potential of IIoT and industry 4. 0.
Balluff offers a wide range of smart IO-
Link and industrial Ethernet sensors in a variety of technologies, including inductive, photoelectric, capacitive and magnetic, and ultra-magnetic linear position sensors, tape linear encoders, industrial RFID systems, industrial vision systems.
Cost Provided by Balluff-Save, process-
Enhance the solutions of machine manufacturers and manufacturers to control, adjust, automate, assemble, position and monitor the sequence of manufacturing, assembly and packaging.
Industries served include: automobiles, packaging, food processing, beverages, tires, primary metals, conventional and alternative energy, semiconductors, plastics and fluid power.
The sensor Expo and attendees expo and conference are widely regarded as one of the largest and most important gathering of engineers and scientists involved in the development and deployment of sensor systems in the world.
For more information, visit the sensor Expo and the conference produced and managed by Questex.
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