autoset smart miter saw fence helps diy-ers make the right cut every time - bluetooth laser measuring device

by:UMeasure     2020-02-18
autoset smart miter saw fence helps diy-ers make the right cut every time  -  bluetooth laser measuring device
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You work on your own, and you waste good wood because you cut the wrong way?
As Steve Jobs might say, "there's an app in this regard "--
Or, in this case, the entire smartman saw fence.
Creators Velocity describes Autoset as its first connected "tool Internet", a beautiful track device that reads a list of cuts electronically generated by Bluetooth measurement tools, then move one stop to the exact location so you can cut it perfectly.
In order to make a cut, the user presses a button on the Bluetooth tape measure and moves the stop direction set automatically.
When the user grabs his or her work piece, the automatic device stops and fine-tune the exact cut length.
Who needs a damn laser?
"When I created the speed robot, I had been working at Caterpillar for a few years and I had done some DIY renovation work when I was 80year-
Founder Brad Cryer told Digital Trends.
"Between these two experiences, I decided to start something in the construction industry.
I still don't know what it is.
After some early interviews with contractors, the first thing I learned was that "cutting money" was a big bottleneck --
So I decided to work on the measurement, cutting and installation of building materials in the most common workflow at the construction site.
"Autoset's commitment is to allow customers to measure and cut inventory faster, more precisely and with fewer errors --
Thus improve efficiency and reduce scrapping.
You need your own Mitter saw to work (
Unless you're just planning to do a lot of measurements without actually cutting)
But Kriel says the device is designed to be connected to any brand and model.
"Autoset was built for construction sites, but it was also useful in timber shops," he continued . ".
"This is for rough carpentry and carpentry.
Wood floor, tile and siding.
It's for water pipes.
It's for carpentry.
Really, it is suitable for any operation that uses or can use a Mitter saw. ”Pre-
Kri has not received an order yet and Kriel and his team have 28 days to raise $50,000.
The Autoset test kit starts at $349 and includes a 8 feet track, a stand with stop and user control, a universal stand for saw installation, an iOS or Android app, and an eTAPE16 Bluetooth roll
Shipping is scheduled for June 2017.
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