auto leveling laser cross - self leveling laser

by:UMeasure     2019-08-20
auto leveling laser cross  -  self leveling laser
So this lazy old man bought a laser cross.
I created a hand level laser cross to align things on my drill press: as a geek I decided to make an automatic platform to adjust automatically with Arduino.
Well, this picture may seem a bit scary, but I'll break it down into small parts.
5mW laser crossover module diode $4.
The laser diode in the 85 ebayThe module is an HLM1230I that uses it to make my laser current Source: list laser current source m317 regulator $0.
24 electronic devices.
Com100 Ohm potentiometer $0.
21 TEDA electronics.
Com1N4001 diode $0.
01 TEDA electronics.
Com10uFd 50v capacitor $0.
03 TEDA electronics.
Com47 ohm resistor $0.
01 TEDA electronics. com (
Instead of two 10 ohm resistors)
Pcb I used the following block: 5 * breadboard prototype 432 points 5*7 cm $1.
39 ebayDid did not use the tripod Holder 6 x AA battery holder with 2 button parts list.
1mm plug AdaFruit. com $5.
00 used plastic cutting board 1 scrap music CD player Mechanical Assembly 1/4x20 nutMiscellaneous 6-32 and 10-
32 Hardware 2 Mitsumi M35SP9 step Motors recovered from old printers.
These are single-pole stepping motors.
If you have or get a different stepping motor, you may have to design your own interface and modify the software accordingly.
1 "7/16" vinyl tubbinghot shoes bubble $0. 99 ebay.
Hot shoes are camera terms.
Arduino-parts listcloneL. O. G. $10 Arduino (modified)
Darlington driver $0.
20 @ voddaelectronics
Com $ BS170 fet February.
26 @ voddaelectronics
Com1 Dip switch 4-bit Piano $0.
34 @ voddaelectronics
Com1 fit MMA7361 module recliner accelerometer.
I took part in the ebay auction for $9 but they can get it for $10-$14 from ebay.
Pcb I used another chunk of the following: 5 * breadboard prototype 432 points 5*7 cm $1. 39 ebay.
ComTotally costs less than $30, most for Arduino
Clone and battery box.
As explained on the website above, I will not go into details of making a laser-driven current source.
The HLM1230 is designed below 25 mA.
This is how I determine the value of the 47 ohm resistor. (See picture)I added a 2.
Remove the 1mm power plug from my scrap pile.
Any laser you buy will have a dangerous stick similar to this one.
The specific laser I use is 5 mW.
The typical laser indicator is 1 mw.
Now I haven't looked into that much laser safety yet, but as far as I can tell, even 1mw can damage the eyes if viewed directly.
This is five times the wattage, so use it carefully.
Don't aim it at people or animals.
Some readers may want to know how the crossover is produced. Search Ebay.
Com: Pictures of 200mw laser cross module didesome in 6nm
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