auto fares revised, minimum to be rs. 20 - digital distance meter

by:UMeasure     2019-09-24
auto fares revised, minimum to be rs. 20  -  digital distance meter
Lowest fare for cars
The city's rickshaw is walking from Rs. 16 to Rs.
20, and then the fare per kilometer from Rs. 9 to Rs. 11.
The wait fee is also raised to 50 paisa per minute.
Government orders to implement these changes were issued on Friday.
Regulations on fees-and-
Half of the normal fare between 11 p. m. and 5 a. m. will continue.
Jianghuai Automobile has been asking for a change in the fare, and even three changes have been made.
Indefinite strike from January 17
It was also requested that GO 108 be abolished, which allowed the transport and RTA authorities to impose fines on Rs.
Every violation of road safety rules 1000Auto-
Now, the price of the rickshaw meter should be RS.
The moment it got engaged. From 1.
After 6 kilometers, the fare rose Rs. 1.
10 metres per 100 metres. 3-
The digital meter should be re-calibrated within three months.
Prior to this, they must carry and display an approved tax rate card indicating the existing and revised fares.
The last revision of car fares from Rs was in August 2012. 14 to Rs. 16 and from Rs. 8 to Rs.
Then every kilometer.
A member of the Jianghuai Automobile driver's union.
He also urged the cancellation of GO 108 and welcomed the move.
However, the move to revise fares did not satisfy commuters.
"In any case, the car driver does not operate the meter and asks us to pay the overpriced fare," complained . ".
Suma, an ordinary traveler.
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