at the brier: manitoba lead hodgson has a keen eye for the big shots - small laser measuring device

by:UMeasure     2019-11-04
at the brier: manitoba lead hodgson has a keen eye for the big shots  -  small laser measuring device
Colin Hodgson knows he shouldn't be too committed, but sometimes he just can't help it.
One such occasion was on Saturday, when Tim Houghton was on the opening day of Brier at Westoba Place, Manitoba was playing a tense first game for both teams.
Captain of Manitoba Hodgson suggested skipping Mike McEwan and trying low
Percentage of angles-
Raise the take-out with the last stone on the eighth end.
It's not mcjuen, nor is it the third shot read by Reed Carruthers, but in the end they decided to go and shoot and whether they were happy or not.
McEwan scored a goal, scored one point, finished the game, and finally won seven points. 6 nail-
Biter draws the last draw at the end of the 10 th.
Carruthers said on Sunday: "That shot changed the momentum and really helped us win the game, and his team is still ahead of the climax of the tournament --opening win.
"It's a bit of a risky call, but sometimes you just feel it. (Hodgson)
It felt like he convinced Mike that it worked well for us.
That's what he's going to do.
"This is not always the case for Hodgson.
He admits that he has put forward his opinions more often than people sometimes want.
Hodgson said after his team beat Quebec: "We have experienced some moments that have brought me back to my position and I should do so . " (Martin Crete)8-
Improve to 2 on Sunday morning-0.
"In the last game, I interjected in some cases where I might not have been able to attend.
This is not always good for the team, so getting a needle on it is something the team needs to pay attention to when it works.
This is about picking my sights.
Carruthers can certainly agree with that.
He played second place for the great Jeff Stoughton for a few years and won the Brier and world championships in 2011, although he was a jumper and I had to learn when to speak and when to shut up.
"Choosing your moment is one of the hardest things to do," Carruthers said . ".
"I felt that way when I was playing for Stoke.
There's Jon mild and Jeff Stoughton behind me, so I don't feel like I have anything to say, but when it's weird what I want to say, I want to make sure I'm right.
The 28-year-old Hodgson is a junior who became captain only a few years ago after joining the Carruthers.
While he recently said his Manitoba team needs to be more authoritarian than democratic, it seems unlikely that he will stop plugging in altogether.
"I still think this game was skipped from the other end and it might be beneficial, but picking the position is the most important thing," Hodgson said . ".
"It's all about finding the right balance so we don't miss anything and everyone has a good mindset to shoot.
"Of course, everyone on the Manitoba team knows that the final decision on all issues depends on skip.
"It's not like a person's point of view is more valuable than another person," Carruthers said . ".
"It's just that, especially our team, we have a lot of opinionated people in our team, and I think we just need to make sure we have a person who has the final say, that's Mike.
Sitting in Manitoba, 2-
After playing for two days
On Sunday night, the McEwan team was 5-
0 leading 9 Negative
8 pairs of team cards (
Brandon Bottcher).
Team card on Sunday morning (
Brandon Bottcher)tied a modern-
Days Brier record (
Can be traced back to 1980)
Won Prince Edward Island 14 points (John Likely).
There are also some of these points in the recent Scottish heart championships, which many believe is due to fiverock free-
Guard rules this season.
However, there is another explanation for Article 3 of Bottcher Darren.
"I think some of them are five.
"Rock rules, some of which are required to play eight rounds," he said . ".
"If you're watching a normal tour, they shake hands after five finishes and you'll never see the score rise as it is now.
If you're on our side in that game, you have to keep trying to shoot, and that's just one of the things you'll see the score increase.
"The Canadian Curling campaign requires the team to play at least eight games in each game, even if the score is not balanced.
In areas including Manitoba, Ontario and Alberta,nots like P. E. I.
The Nunavut and Yukon are increasingly likely to get high marks.
"I think, as a player, I would like to see it change, but I do understand why they do it," Moulding said . ".
"Let's say you're a fan, you get $ X for a ticket, you come in and all the games are done in an hour and a half.
This is not right either.
I saw both sides of it.
Brad Gushue could hardly believe it happened again. The two-
Time's defending champion is part of the game against Ontario. Scott McDonald)
On Saturday, there was an absolute connection to the Rock survey.
"For 23 years I 'd say it's like a hole --in-One or eight.
Said Gushue.
"It's very rare, but we have three in the last two or three years.
"In this case, the rock was measured five times before deciding that neither of them was calculated.
Last year at the Grand Slam 10 tournament in Winnipeg, in a game against Carruthers, the same thing happened to Gushue.
At the time, they used a laser device to measure, while at Brier they still used a measuring stick.
It sounds like it won't take long to use a laser device in the Canadian curling competition, although there may still be connections in this case.
"Yes, of course, if you can get one that is consistent enough and you have tested it," Gushue said . ".
"We used it in grand slam.
"There is a little talk that has happened.
I think it has to be no room for maneuver when it goes into the pin.
Sometimes, when you put it in the pin, you can go around it and play with the numbers.
Before we get to the laser, we need to get to the point of anything we develop or come up with, and when it gets there, it's solid and can't be manipulated.
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