asus zenfone 3 ultra review - digital laser measuring device

by:UMeasure     2019-10-31
asus zenfone 3 ultra review  -  digital laser measuring device
What is the ideal size of a smartphone? The answer is subjective, of course, but there is an obvious tendency to get bigger. Models with 5. 5-
For a long time, inch screens have dominated the Android Market.
In fact, it is difficult to find mainstream Android models with screens less than 5 inch, but there are quite a few large models at different price levels.
We recently reviewed the medium term.
Lenovo Phab 2 Plus Series (Review)
Mi Max millet (Review)
Today, we bring the huge Asus Zenfone 3 Ultra.
Asus's latest release blurs the line between smartphones and tablets and wants to be the only digital device you can carry with you.
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Asus ZenFone 3 Ultra looks and feels obvious, your main consideration for this device should be whether you can handle the huge size of it.
Size 186. 4x93. 9x6.
The weight of 8mm and 233 grams, both handling and handling are awkward and difficult.
It sticks out from all the pockets we try to dress in, and only when you put it in your handbag or backpack does it really work.
You also need two hands to hold and use it safely, because without moving your entire hand up and down, you won't be able to touch every part of the screen with your thumb. One-
Unless you're just reading or watching the video, it's hard to balance manually, and the width and weight of this phone can also strain long calls.
Asus has done a great job in building quality.
ZenFone 3 Ultra can fight against any of today's high-end smartphones.
The front and back are completely flat, and the metal bands on both sides are curved for comfort.
The body is not twisted or bent at all, with Gorilla Glass 4 in front.
The shiny chamfer metal edges and rings around the Home button remind us of Samsung's design a few years ago, but we have now seen this look on hundreds of phones and it still works.
The left side is completely blank, while the right side has a power button in a very convenient place.
There are also two separate pallets; one for a Nano-
SIM and another one for the second Nano-
SIM card or microSD card.
There's a USB Type-
C port between two speaker grilles and 3 at the bottom.
There are 5mm audio outlets on the top.
The volume button is on the back, and while we don't usually like this arrangement, it actually works better on this phone when it comes to voice calls, because both keep grip, it is impossible to shuffle your thumb again.
No matter which hand you use, your index finger will easily press the volume button.
You will also see flash and laser autofocus windows on the back of the camera.
ZenFone 3 Ultra looks expensive but not particularly exciting or modern.
Our review unit is silver and looks like a warm champagne color during the day.
Asus offers bulky 18W charger, USB Type-
Line C, there is also a set of boxed ZenEar headphones in the package.
Asus ZenFone 3 Ultra specificasus sasus explicitly prioritizes visual impact with ZenFone 3 Ultra as the specs are undoubtedly medium in addition to its metal body and giant Large screenrange.
You get a Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 SoC with four ARM Cortex A53 cores and four A72 cores running at 1.
8 GHz plus integrated Adreno 510 graphics.
You can get 4GB of RAM and 64gb of internal storage, while microsd cards support up to 200 GB of capacity.
You can also get 100GB of Google Drive space for free in two years.
The resolution of the large screen is relatively low, 1080x1920.
Everything on the screen is still clear and clean, but at this price level we will love the 1440x2560 panel.
Asus promises 4k TV-
Level 178 image processor
Full range reproduction of angle of view and 95% NTSC.
By the way, USB Type-
Port C allows Port video output to be displayed in alternate mode.
LTE is supported in the Indian Band, and while Asus does list support for VoLTE, we are not able to make calls using the Reliance Jio SIM.
When we asked about Asus, a representative told us that support will be added through the OTA update.
You can get Wi too-Fi 802.
11ac, Bluetooth 4.
2. GPS with GLONASS and various environmental sensors.
There is room for 4600 batteries in such a large body.
The phone supports Qualcomm's fast charging capabilities.
0 standard and reverse charging-
Charge another device from this phone
As long as the battery is above 20%.
There are 23 rear cameras-
Million pixel camera with f/2.
0 aperture lens, with laser, phase detection and continuous autofocus function, intelligent application according to the shooting scene.
The stills have stable optical images and electronic video.
Asus ZenFone 3 Ultra software the first thing about ASUS ZenUI on Zenfone 3 Ultra is how busy it is.
Asus seems to have decided that all available screen space should be occupied by the control button.
It seems that the company expects people who buy this phone to do so because they are super users and will be very grateful --
Fine-grained control over every tiny aspect of their use experience.
For example, when we set up the device for the first time, we were bombarded by a dialog box to decide whether the app icons should be able to display notification badges and, if so, whether they should show the number of notifications received.
Hiding this information may make sense for some users, but why not show everything by default, which is the standard behavior of all operating systems and then allows users to turn off non-content they liketech-
Savvy users will be abandoned and may not even understand such options, let alone how to reverse them later.
There are extra buttons in the task switcher-including a button that allows you to lock the app so it can be turned off or changed without a pin.
There are at least a dozen buttons to choose from in the quick settings shadows.
Even the camera app has many free controls on the edge of the screen.
Dialler has an option card interface with sections for groups and VIP contacts.
The default ZenUI keyboard has its own clipboard, cursor, and theme.
You can set options on how to take screenshots, which click and track gestures should be recognized and when the phone should automatically switch between four power suppliessaving modes.
A "game wizard" toolbar pops up when playing full-
Screen game and display the option to record the game stream and share it with friends.
We have never seen so many UI customization options.
Not only can you choose the Transition animation and widgets, but you can also choose the color of the icon label text, the appearance of the folder and the folder icon, the size and spacing of the home screen grid, the transparency of the status bar, and whether the newly installed application is highlighted.
You can download the new icon pack and wallapers.
In fact, Asus is pretty sure you'll love this extreme customization capability, so there's a tool to take a screenshot of your UI selection and post them on social networks.
Asus has also loaded a large number of applications for ZenFone 3 Ultra, including several seemingly Taiwanese-specific apps such as KKMusic, Mandarin Yahoo Super Mall, and Kimo auction apps.
Mobile Management and theme control systems-power enhancements, Audio
The level function implied by their name and cannot be deleted.
Facebook can be removed if you wish, there is no limit to the sea Finch browser, Amazon Kindle, SimCity build dit, iReader, Instagram NFS.
Asus's own stability includes fast memo, mini movie, photo collage, later production, laser ruler, Web storage, Sharelink, ZenTalk, ZenFone Care, ZenCircle,
Some of them are novel, like the laser ruler, which uses the camera's autofocus laser to measure how far the object is from the phone, but most are just bloating.
Needless to say, it takes a lot of time and data to keep all these applications updated.
Another software feature worth mentioning ishanded mode. Double-
Click the home button to narrow the display to the corner of the screen.
You are free to resize it until a point or move it. On-
The on-screen navigation button appears, so you don't have to balance your phone with instability when trying to use it.
In addition, the size of the ZenUI keyboard can be adjusted and moved around the screen for easy access.
In addition to the large number of applications we have to deal with, Asus ZenFone 3 Ultra performance, we have not encountered problems directly related to its size on ZenFone 3 Ultra.
The SoC may not be the fastest, but it works well with the display, so it is not capable of being surpassed.
Even if the benchmark is run one by one, the device will not be too hot at any time.
The screen is definitely a pleasure because movies and YouTube clips always look great, so we are not very interested in resolution.
Bright colors and smooth movements.
Viewing angle is as good as ASUS claims.
The only problem is to watch the video with this phone for a long time because it will be very tired soon.
The game runs smoothly and is more attractive for a long time because of the two
Hand control is required.
Everything feels immersive, and while the big screen clearly fills your field of view, the sound is also great.
ZenFone 3 Ultra produces deep and rich sound with its huge body.
Music is mostly enjoyable, and for a small group of people it sounds loud enough.
The downside is that the stereo speakers are all on one side at the bottom of the phone.
The sound from the two grilles is also uneven.
The headset solves the problem and the bundled headset is actually very good.
The detail and perception of the space they created impressed us.
The benchmark runs smoothly.
We see many of the most commonly used in AnTuTu's 81,292, 2,967.
Core test, 18,045 in 3d mark Ice Storm Unlimited, 32fps in gfxcart.
This is enough to show that performance is at a higher level, but at this price level you still can't get anything from a more traditional smartphone. Click to view full-
Asus ZenFone 3 Ultra camera sample size we are eager to put Asus's requirements for camera performance into testing, and we are deeply impressed by the features of ZenFone 3 Ultra.
While overall very good, the photos taken with ZenFone 3 Ultra do not match the flagship standard set by other phones in this price level.
You'll be happy with the camera's autofocus performance, and the view on the big screen is very easy, although poor grip makes it difficult to set options and click focus when targeting objects.
Macros look best, fine details and vivid colors will really appear in the case of BlurNo background.
Shooting at night was surprisingly bright and clear, although the shooting of light and dark areas was not as well defined.
The battery of ZenFone 3 Ultra is one of its strengths.
We went for two days and didn't need to top up even with a lot of Wi-
Fi and LTE, occasional use of cameras, and some games.
The screen is a huge power consumption that is out of proportion, so when our video cycle battery test runs for 10 hours and 19 minutes, it represents how many movies you can watch on a long plane, for example, but it's not necessarily how long this phone will last while doing other tasks.
ZenFone 3 Ultra will be great if you like big phones and have a lot of money to spend.
We find that devices of this nature are not as practical as everyday smartphones, but you may prefer something like a tablet with a mobile data SIM card and occasional voice calls.
Overall, the performance is good, but unlike the level we expect from our flagship devices today-that's where the ZenFone 3 deluxe model comes from.
The focus here is obviously on the display and battery, which is great for entertainment and media consumer devices.
However, you have to weigh the pros and cons of spending so much, the cost of Phab 2 Plus and Mi Max is much lower and offers similar benefits.
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