ask the builder | 5 cool tools every diyer must have - laser room measurement tool

by:UMeasure     2019-12-07
ask the builder | 5 cool tools every diyer must have  -  laser room measurement tool
I just sold some old stuff that I didn't need anymore.
My purpose is to put the cash together and increase the reserve of my hands and power tools.
Can you share some of the coolest tools you know?
I am interested in versatility and quality.
I will sell more if I need more cash! –-Kevin F.
Freedom, you and I are doing the same thing!
I have been trying.
Make a mess of my garage and attic and I'm making progress!
Interestingly, I feel like it's rubbish for me or something that doesn't have much value for others.
I have had great success on Craigslist, a famous online classification site. org.
My founder and I used to be members of a secret planning group and when this site was first released I saw it.
As I see so much each year, I can continue to use a variety of new tools.
That's my problem.
I see a lot and I don't know where to start but I will do my best. 1.
One of the coolest tools I 've seen at a recent meeting is cordless 7-1/4-
Inch saw.
The cordless saw with smaller diameter has been on the market for many years and some have cut quite well, but overall I am disappointed.
When you increase the diameter of the blade, you need more power to rotate the blade to cut the thick material.
Milwaukee tools developed a cordless saw that I tested, and what it could cut surprised me.
The reason why newer cordless tools can work as hard as traditional cordless tools is the battery and on-board computers that manage the power of the tools.
The microprocessor ensures that the power in the battery is not wasted. 2.
If you get into electric repairs at home, then you'll love all --
I am using pliers made by Klein Tools.
This precision hand tool combines wire stripping, needle
Pliers and cable cutters!
In the past, I cut a romex cable with three tools, stripped the insulation from the wire, then bent the wire tip around the socket and the screws on the switch. No more! This all-
All three jobs are done with pliers. 3.
Another cordless power tool you may want but don't currently have is the cordless drive.
This tool was previously found in the garage of the auto mechanic.
You 've seen or heard of them being used on mice. a-tat-
Tap the lugs nut on the wheel of your car or truck.
In the repair shop, these tools are almost always driven by compressed air.
A few years ago, however, some dodgy power tool engineers decided to bring these collision drivers to the building area and power them with batteries.
I lost my chin the first time I used it.
The tool drives screws, bolts and tighten nuts at speed and precision.
You won't believe at all how many features the crash driver has.
These products are produced by all major power tools companies.
I seem to like my DeWalt 18-
Volt impact driver, but I have also had great success with the boschand Milwaukee brand. 4.
You 've seen the laser measuring tool, right?
So, how about a small, in your pocket with only one button that controls all the functions?
Do you want it to be accurate in the range of 1/8 to 50 feet?
You need to try out Bosch GLM 15.
I got this tool about two months ago, opened it up and tested various distances with a traditional tape measure.
Very accurate.
There are a variety of uses in the home, including simple room measurements, finding the floor to ceiling height in a few seconds, and measuring the diagonal room to check the square. 5. Multi-
Sometimes I prefer to work with a traditional screwdriver. Multi-
The drill screwdriver is not new in any case.
I have tested a lot and have always wanted a design with a certain weight and ergonomics.
I found that because of the different size of each person's hand, it is difficult for tool manufacturers to meet everyone's needs.
The feeling in my hand may feel too big or too small in your hand.
Milwaukee tools did not disappoint me.
They came out more than one.
A bit screwdriver with seven drill bits, six of which are stored on the outer edge of the tool handle.
Each one is about 3.
5 inch long, connected to the tool handle with a strong magnet.
There is almost no swing between the drill bit and the handle.
This is important to me because I want the tools to be stable when they are used.
The drill bit steel is also tough, perfect for slotted orPhillipsscrew heads. This multi-
The screwdriver is on the front. and-
Located in the center of the metal nail plate made by the Wall controls behind my garage workbench.
Don't forget that you need a tool storage solution that looks great and powerful.
So I use metal nails!
Tim Carter is a columnist for The Tribune media service.
Contact him through his website: www. askthebuilder. com.
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