arrow fastener marks father’s day with a special giveaway celebrating every kind of dad - professional laser measuring device

by:UMeasure     2019-12-09
arrow fastener marks father’s day with a special giveaway celebrating every kind of dad  -  professional laser measuring device
Arrow Fastener is celebrating its 90 th anniversary with a special Father's Day themed giveaway that acknowledges that the great father is not "one size fits all" and invites visitors to visit Arrowfastener. com/fathers-day-
Build and share a unique "dad"jec-
In order to have the opportunity to win a prize pack full of Arrow tools and fasteners for themselves and their dad.
The hieroglyphs provided by Arrow are similar to almost all types of fathers, including a female emoji, recognizing that today's father is not suitable for a traditional image.
Visitors can create a unique "dad"jec-
Describe their father by selecting five adjectives and choose a father
From now until June 14, moji is the most like their father. Twenty-
Five winners will be selected randomly and will be announced on the social channel at Arlo on Sunday, June 16 on Father's Day.
"Arrow knows that role models have a variety of shapes, sizes and genders, and we want to know all the fathers who have an impact on one's life," said Vice President Bill Sokol, a proud father.
Arrow nail guns and fasteners, known for their reliability and durability, are the first choice for generations of dads, whether professional contractors or DIYers.
Gift package for Father's Day includes Arrow T50®The DingTalk gun, the undisputed champion of the DingTalk gun, has sold more than 50 million sets since its launch in the 1950 generation and is still proud to be made in the United States. ; T50 staples;
The PT18G pneumatic Brad DingTalk is perfect for most small decoration and interior molding work;
HT50 professional hammer head sizing machine;
Breakthrough T50AC Pro electric DingTalk gun and DingTalk with consistent pro-
Regardless of field current fluctuations, grade performance can be obtained even on the 100 feet extension line.
"As the iconic tool brand in the United States, Arrow products are essential.
There are items from dad, dry man and manufacturer everywhere.
Since its establishment in 1929, we have brought outstanding success legacy to the market and we will continue to provide high
Quality, innovative products . "
To create your "dad"jec-
And enter the victory, follow the arrows and visit arrowfastener. com/fathers-day-giveaway.
Arrow fasteners
, LLCArrow fasteners, LLC is an American companyS.
Manufacturer of staple guns, glue guns and rivet tools located in N. Saddle BrookJ.
Arrow has been a leader in big box home improvement and traditional hardware retail channel fastening solutions since 1929.
Over 50 years, T50®As the best gun in the world, DingTalk guns have always been the industry standard
Selling DingTalk guns
Today, Arrow fasteners are trusted reliable, innovative and affordable product suppliers for construction industry professionals and industry peopleit-yourselfer.
In July 2017, Aro was acquired by Hangzhou superstar Industry Co. , Ltd.
Chinese manufacturer of 2B forklift, manual and electric tools, robotic systems and laser measuring equipment.
Arlo is now an American superstar. S.
Sales, marketing and distribution headquarters of the GreatStar brand tool portfolio.
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