army employee steals military gear, trades it for weed - line lasers for sale

by:UMeasure     2020-03-26
army employee steals military gear, trades it for weed  -  line lasers for sale
Sacramento, California-
A former American civilianS.
After being accused of stealing advanced military equipment from a warehouse in northern California and using some of them for marijuana trading, Army employees admitted the theft.
The U. S.
The prosecutor's office in Sacramento saidyear-
Gregory Biggs, old Devon in Reno, Nevada, admitted on Wednesday that government property was stolen from the Sierra Army warehouse in Heron, Larsen County.
Prosecutors say he stole machine gun components, night vision, technology using laser lighting and low-brightness lighting.
Video recording equipment.
Officials said the equipment was worth nearly $85,000 and had recently been shipped back from Afghanistan and Iraq.
Hot news Garlic Festival Shooting Center Zone climate change documentary Dan Coates resigned from Brooklyn to shoot, they said he traded stolen equipment for marijuana at least once.
Benjamin Galloway, counsel for the federal defense attorney's office, did not immediately respond to calls and emails.
In January, Biggs will face a federal prison term of up to 10 years. 28 hearing.
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