arduino measuring tape - digital measuring tape

by:UMeasure     2019-09-12
arduino measuring tape  -  digital measuring tape
Hello, this Instructure will teach you how to make arduino tape measure.
As long as you follow each step carefully and make sure you don't play with wires when you have power, it's not hard.
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You need: 1 for this one that is not suitable. A Computer2. An arduino3.
Liquid crystal 4. Jumper Wires5. Ultra-Sonic sensor6. 10k resistor7.
The breadboard simply follows what is shown in the chart. Remember, don't walk around with a wire when the power supply is plugged in.
All you need to do is connect the wire trigger pin to pin 6 on the arduino, the echo pin to digital pin 7, and the vcc to 3. 3 volts.
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YouTube: site: includes clearing Crystal includes defining TRIGGER_PIN 6 definition Echo _ pin 7 definition max _ distance 200 NewPing void int uS = S}
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