ankaka plugs in new wireless mini mouse with laser pointer - laser pointer measuring device

by:UMeasure     2019-10-09
ankaka plugs in new wireless mini mouse with laser pointer  -  laser pointer measuring device
Micro wireless mouse with laser pointer each computer needs to use another device compatible with them.
In this 21 st century, or what I call the computer age, you don't have to go through the hassle of carrying the mouse plug with you.
Are you looking for a device at home or in the office that can control laptops and other computers and electronic devices?
If you are one of those who pursue simplicity and comfort, then the answer you need is to buy this portable mini.
This device is designed to give you the joy and value you have been looking.
This mini mouse is designed for remote control.
This means that it can be used to control other equipment at home or in the office.
You can use it in power point presentations such as workshops, lectures, and conferences.
Do you know that you can still use this device to control your TV?
This wireless mini mouse is designed to bring peace to you.
This is because its features and features give you peace of mind.
It has a comfortable touch feeling and, more importantly, it comes with a battery.
The device is designed with a rechargeable battery that you can charge with a USB cable.
This device is easy to put in your pocket and bag, and it also has a four-way feature included;
To the next page, to the previous page, right-click and laser.
This portable wireless Mini Mouse comes with a laser pointer.
This laser indicator acts as a pointer when making a presentation, workshop, or presentation with power point.
This portable mouse can also be used to control the projector or the distance control TV from 10 TVs.
The unit is 5 cm in length, 5 cm in width and 1 cm in height.
That's why I say it's portable and easy for you to carry with you.
As the remote control of the projector or TV, it can be used from a distance of 5 m.
Windows XP and windows 7 are also supported for this device.
It also has a nano receiver.
It also has a user manual written in English. This 2.
Ankaka now has 4g portable wireless mini mouse.
This device is the best mouse you can buy on the market today, why not order one today, or rather, buy one for your child.
The information from the Ankaka Customer Service Department indicates that you should insert the nano receiver into the computer (
Desktop, laptop or tablet)
Connect the mini trader first, then the mini trader.
The mouse can also be charged via a USB port.
Order one today and see how this device works.
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