a great way to use golf course distance measuring devices - distance measuring equipment laser

by:UMeasure     2019-09-07
a great way to use golf course distance measuring devices  -  distance measuring equipment laser
Are you using your golf GPS?
Global Positioning System
Or the full advantage of your Laser Range machine?
Are you just putting it in your bag like a club to prepare for your next round of golf?
If you would like to improve your game by using these golf course measuring devices, I would recommend that you also use them outside of the golf course.
That is, use them along the golf course and measure all your distances with all your clubs.
This is a great way to use a golf course distance measuring device.
You can draw your club with a full swing, a three quarter swing and a half swing.
Record the distance of each swing, take three photos for your entire swing, measure the distance and take the average, and chart the results.
Then the fluctuations in the three quarters, measure the distance and take the average value, and draw the results map, as well as for your half fluctuations.
Of course, you can do your chart with more lenses if you want, but get a comfortable average so you are confident to be able to reproduce the lens you need.
Once you have this chart, you now have at least three comfortable photos of each club in your bag.
You can plan your shooting further;
You can introduce the height in your chart photo so that if you need a photo with a height, it's in your bag.
To support this, you can use a pocket book like Pro, and if you know your distance and shooting height, your club shot average is on each page, check your chart and you will find the best club to shoot.
It seems to me that this small system is best made with a laser Range. Why?
Because on the golf course, it is legal to have only a laser Range machine at a distance.
On the golf course, you can align your range to any target, danger, or pin to pull your distance away;
Check your pocket swing chart, check the wind direction and shoot with confidence.
Another feature of the laser range machine is that you can use them like a telescope, so you can see where the ball falls, and if you know how your ball is positioned, you have time to think about your next shot.
Whether you're on the grass or running, you're already planning your next shot as you head towards the ball.
The laser Range machine is very precise, out of the box, not too expensive and does not charge a month.
So tell your loved ones that they will give you a great gift, tips, tips.
Of course, I am not saying that GPS devices do not have their use.
They can warn you in advance that there may be invisible bad luck lurking around the dog's legs.
They can provide you with a full picture of the hole you are playing.
The overall problem with the GPS device is the monthly fee and course download.
Besides that, they are very useful for course information.
No matter which golf course measurement device you choose, whether it's a GPS or a laser Range machine, you can use it to think outside the box.
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