8 chipmakers that could be bought next now that intel is acquiring mobileye - sensor laser

by:UMeasure     2020-03-27
8 chipmakers that could be bought next now that intel is acquiring mobileye  -  sensor laser
In 2016, the semiconductor industry was hit by a wave of massive consolidation as chip makers made big and small deals, with acquisitions totaling more than $98 billion last year. Intel's (INTC -Get Report)$15.
3 billion purchase of mobile ye (MBLY)
This is just one of many indicators that a series of integrations last year may continue this year.
The deal also shows that more and more chip companies are moving beyond the traditional PC business to diversify into the fast-growing auto market. -
In this field, semiconductor has become an important commodity for automobile manufacturers to develop these technologies.
"The automotive and tech industries are rapidly merging," said Rajvindra Gill, an analyst at Needham . ".
So a car company like General MotorsGM -Get Report)
They buy technical assets to support self-driving, and at the same time, you also have semiconductor companies with hardware and processors, but buying software companies becomes the main channel for car manufacturers. " Self-
Driving cars using maps, machines
Among other things, learning and computer vision are highly demanding.
This makes it more time for chip makers to buy.
Here are eight semiconductor companies that may be acquired in future self-development competitions
Driving a car: 2016 income: $2.
21 billion market capitalization: $14.
Billion on Xilinx (XLNX -Get Report)
San Jose, California-
A technology company known for making programmable logic chips or on-site manufacturing
Programmable Gate Array (FPGAs)
For data centers, industrial facilities, and automobiles.
Vijay Rakesh, an analyst at Mizuho, said the company's exposure to the automotive, communications and artificial intelligence markets made it an attractive acquisition target.
At present, Xilinx is facing very little competition in the FPGA market, and Intel is its main threat.
Income for 2016: $1.
Market value of 92 billion: $4.
Month billionSan Jose, CA-based Cypress (CY -Get Report)
Semiconductor design and manufacturer specializing in NAND flash memory devices.
Rajvindra Gill, an analyst at Needham, said companies developing connected cars must focus on power management because they need increasingly complex components to work properly.
Therefore, cypress's low-power flash products will be highly sought after and become the main acquisition target.
Income for 2016: $6.
9 billion market value: 60 billion dollars, is one of the most valued companies in the silicon industry in Santa Clara, Californiabased Nvidia (NVDA -Get Report)
It may be too big to buy.
But that didn't stop analysts from speculating that the deal could happen.
Nvidia produces graphics processing units that are widely used for self
The driving car that Tesla is developing (TSLA -Get Report).
Nvidia also works with Bosch to build artificial intelligence
Large scale computers enabled
Production of autonomous vehicles.
High of the company-
A horizontal chip designed for artificial intelligence and machine learning can make it an attractive target for Apple (AAPL -Get Report)orAlphabet (GOOGL -Get Report)
As the two companies enter the driverless car market, ross Gerber, CEO of The Wealth and Investment Management fund Gerber Kawasaki, said.
Income for 2016: $3.
Billion Dollar Market Value: 6 dollars.
Phoenix 3
Semiconductor based (ON -Get Report)
Manufacture a wide range of semiconductor components, including sensors, power management, and connectivity products.
ON has developed into a leading camera manufacturer
Image sensor based on image sensor
Driving cars and LIDAR systems is essential, Gill said.
The company also produces LED lighting products for advanced driver assistance systems.
Jill added that ON's expertise in these markets makes it likely to be snapped up soon.
Income for 2016: $4.
Billion Dollar Market value: $2. Israel-
Based on Tower Semiconductor (TSEM -Get Report)
Manufacturing integrated circuits for personal computers, industrial and automotive products.
Needham's Gill says Tower has made many sensors and "high performance" semiconductor foundry used in self-integrated LiDAR systemsdriving cars.
Lidar technology includes laser sensors that enable cars to monitor and navigate their environment.
The tower itself may also want to make more bolts.
Jill added that in the recent acquisition.
Income for 2016: $6.
Market value of 5 billion: 14 billion US dollar is headquartered in Switzerland and Italian semiconductor (STM -Get Report)
Design, development and manufacture of semiconductor circuits and devices.
According to research firm IHS Markit, the company is working with Tesla to provide the components used in the Tesla Model S and to work with Mobileye to develop chips for self-developmentdriving cars.
2016 revenue: $310 million market value: $1.
BillionAmbarella (AMBA -Get Report)
Provide semiconductor processing solutions for video that supports HD display.
Santa Clara, California-
The headquarters company currently has no manufacturing system. on-a-
But the company says it plans to move into autonomous driving.
Ambarella acquired Italy in 2015-
A private company based in VisLab
A company that develops computer vision technology for self-driving cars.
So although it is exposed to the self
The driving car market is limited, and the company's computer vision products can be a boon to OEMs such as General Motors and Ford (F -Get Report), among others.
Income for 2016: $2.
Billion Dollar Market value: 12 dollars.
Month billionSan Jose, CA-
Based on Meixin integration (MXIM -Get Report)
Design, manufacturing and sales of simulation and mixing
Signal integrated circuit.
Maxim's semiconductor chips are widely used in information entertainment systems and electronic information entertainment systems.
Car battery management and communication chips for vehicle cameras.
Competitor chipmakersTexas instrument (TXN -Get Report)
Simulation equipment (ADI -Get Report)
He tried to acquire Maxim in 2015, but later gave up those efforts.
However, Maxim may be the target of the acquisition again this year.
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