5 ways to use babies as criminal accomplices - laser sensor

by:UMeasure     2020-02-20
5 ways to use babies as criminal accomplices  -  laser sensor
I became a father for the first time, like most new parents, and spent a lot of time over the past few months fantasizing about using my children to commit crimes.
So one of the many sleepless nights in my life right now, I started doing research and figuring out the best way.
I am going to introduce my findings to you below: the hottest, most educated parenting skills that the authorities do not want you to know.
Because BaitPeople like babies, especially people who don't deal with them very often.
Even if you don't particularly like babies, it's hard to hate them.
They are new here and will not commit any serious crimes, and the person who really wants them to be hurt is an indifferent person.
For many, the sound of the baby crying on a dark night is a sign of the baby, most likely a parent, and they may need a little help.
It is this use of using babies as bait, located at the heart of someone using a recording of crying babies to encourage people to get off or open the front door, or to show themselves in some way while trying to help.
Once they are exposed, our criminals commit some kind of murder against them.
While there doesn't seem to be much evidence to support the reality of the city's legends, similar cases have happened.
Like the story of this stroller in Fresno, it could be used as bait.
Nevertheless, it does not appear that any actual crimes have been committed in this case, and experts are still not sure how people in Fresno store their babies.
But the trick of "Baby as bait" certainly seems to work.
Even if you have no particular interest in the widespread premeditated murder (except in self-defense)
You might use this in a robbery. like situation.
Imagine, under a pile of laser sensors, a baby sliding over the tile floor of the museum and suddenly began to cry, so, when the father steals a huge diamond or just lies somewhere and takes a nap, the guard is taken to the position.
Now that I think of this, 4 as a ticket, the presence or lack of a baby is usually a good sign of whether or not a person belongs somewhere.
Adults who don't have children near toy stores or amusement parks are a bit disturbing, regardless of whether our culture's fear of kidnapping children is excessive or not, it may be inevitable that we conduct additional scrutiny of these people. The flip-
The other side of this is that when you have children, you will get a lot of passes from other places.
For example, there is a sad case about fake babies, there is no doubt that there is only the best, the best --
Have a reasonable intention in mind
But beyond that, I 've seen a lot of evidence that a baby can get you through, and almost people will either sympathize with you, will either empathize with the crying, smelly baby you're dealing with or be distracted by the cuteness of your crying, smelly baby who will open the door for you, forget that you have no business in this vault.
3 as humans, most people are reluctant to hurt babies for the above reasons (morality)
Again, because when a baby is cut in half, it becomes two separate babies, which will soon lead to a fight that cannot win.
So using babies in the course of a crime to protect yourself seems to be exactly what terrible people will do. And they have! I looked it up!
All stories are very frustrating and sad!
However, there are fewer sad changes to this situation, as this hilarious act called "this particular line of conviction" involves throwing (hopefully)
Fake Babies distract people when they are pickedpocketed.
At the end of the day, the victim had only small change and a baby left and was often found to be a doll or a large tube of luncheon meat or something like that.
If you're a criminal
New parents who have ideas, but find that these are not attractive to you, say, if you value your child's life or whatever, you can at least consider a softer version, for example, when you walk up the road, hold your child on your head to prevent rain.
Smuggling babies has a lot of rubbish, but not literally, and yes, literally.
Between diapers and bottles, wipes, clothes and seat belts, there is a lot of garbage to carry with you.
Drug smugglers have this fact in all cases where the authorities have emphasized the inspection of their garbage.
People with babies look more compassionate, and of course, if there is a chance to find something literal, anyone may be discouraged from going through your experience, this makes it an ideal place to hide good things.
If it looks a little high
Risk to you, or consider options with lower risk if you are worried that your child cannot remain calm;
I can confirm in person that this technique works to overcome various situations where there is no external food or drink.
1 as part of a scam, the easiest way for people to take advantage of a baby crime is probably part of a basic sympathy scam.
People with babies, even just pictures of babies, convince people that their babies are sick, missing, or on fire, that they need money to heal, find, or destroy their children
Travelers in Cambodia must be careful with this version called the, in which a woman with a child approaches and asks for help with the purchase of formula.
She's not asking for money, she just needs you to go to the store with her to buy formula.
That sounds so honest and credible. scam-
Many tourists like it.
They will go to a nearby store with their mother, buy her some formula, wave happily and walk away, formula comes back right away, and usually the store will keep a portion of the money.
This is also a big problem on social media, on social media
Known as "sick baby prank", someone uses a photo of a sick child (
The only disease they have is that they don't actually exist)
Convince people to "like" the Facebook page.
This seemingly harmless step is used in a variety of other ways to deal with victims, either to persuade people to donate to non-existent charities or simply to spam all those who sign up for it.
These scams feel particularly bad because they capture the goodwill of people and goodwill is one of the things the world needs more.
So if you feel the need to cheat people with your children, don't catch their goodwill.
Their selfish or stupid prey.
Claim this is their child and ask for a reward.
Claiming that the baby has laid a golden egg, you are looking for an early investor (mumbling)wealth!
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