5 things we can learn about aging well from japan - sensor laser

by:UMeasure     2020-03-27
5 things we can learn about aging well from japan  -  sensor laser
Japan is winning the gray race.
Today, one out of every five people in Japan is 65 years old or older, and by 2035 this figure is expected to reach one out of every three.
In contrast, in the United StatesS.
Our elderly population will not reach 20% by 2050.
Nevertheless, the aging of the United States is coming, and as the old planet recently pointed out, the Japanese have put forward some innovations that deserve attention. 1)Community time-banking.
As adult children here and in Japan leave their parents and hometown, the question of who will take care of their elderly relatives becomes more urgent.
Fureai Kippu or the "love relationship ticket" system provides care for the elderly by exchanging time points.
People donate their time by helping an elderly person and issue tickets as payment, and then an elderly person can use these tickets to "buy" the service.
Anyone can earn these tickets. -
Older people help another older person, young people help any older person in the community-
Tickets are used to pay for trips to medical appointments or grocery stores.
Adult children who have moved away can earn tickets by helping the elderly living near them, and then send the tickets they earn to their own parents.
The supplementary community currency program was launched in Japan in 1995 through the Sawayaka Welfare Foundation.
It is widely accepted in China, which now has the largest projects.
While of course people can pay people who drive mom and dad to see a doctor, there are many reasons why we like the Fureai Kippu approach: it's the community-
More based on personal feelings.
It also allows adult children to meet their own traditional and emotional needs by taking care of other people's parents and earning tickets that they can send to their family members.
It just keeps it closer to the heart. 2)
Advanced smartphones.
Adjusting technology to make it easier for older people to use is a taboo
For any company that wants to compete in an aging market, this is a wise move.
Japanese manufacturer Fujitsu's Raku Android smartphone is designed for the elderly.
The touch screen has a larger icon and text size, with fewer apps on the home screen to reduce any confusion.
It has basic apps like phone dialer, phone book, email and weather forecast.
It was introduced in France and the United States. S.
The next one is probably the market.
One observation: simple term changes make it easier to understand some techniques.
Older people are identified with words such as "phone book" instead of "contact person.
"GPS" may not make sense when "map" is easier to understand.
Why is the problem added? 3)Smart canes. Well, why not?
Fujitsu also has a prototype of a built-in cane
In the navigation system, it not only provides the user with arrows pointing in the right direction of the destination, but also allows others to track the movements of the Walker.
The "next generation" sugar cane monitors heart rate and temperature and can ask for help if necessary.
The Isowalk smart crutch is closer to home and is designed to build a better mousetrap.
It is more crutch than crutches, but it avoids the concentrated weight load on the user's wrist by adapting to the Walker's weight, wrist pressure and gait. 4)Senior-
The shopping center is friendly.
First session
Last year, the friendly shopping center opened in Funabashi, Japan.
Under the same roof, the elderly can find the same
Day service for bifocals and purchase groceries on large shelves
Type the price tag as they wait for the glasses to be ready.
Even the escalator is a little slower.
According to Japan daily, about 5,000 people lined up on the opening day. 5)Robots.
15 minutes ago, the vacuum robot seemed like this, but the robot that helped improve the lives of the elderly and the disabled is on a short list of every research and development company.
Advanced planets watch the self-driving wheelchair with laser sensors and cameras to prevent it from hitting obstacles and others.
Wheelchairs can easily pass through crowded areas, which is important for seniors living in urban areas such as New York.
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