5 cool things to buy for your home - laser distance measurer

by:UMeasure     2019-08-31
5 cool things to buy for your home  -  laser distance measurer
The toothbrush sterilizer was described as "must-
Ellen DeGeneres' "have gifts", toothbrush disinfectant is more important than most families think.
Unlike what you think, your toothbrush is probably the dirtiest tool in your bathroom --
A bit ironic when its only purpose is to really clean your teeth.
You can find a personal toothbrush disinfectant suitable for a toothbrush, but I suggest you go to a family --
Size of four toothbrushes-
Electric or non-electricelectric.
I found the lights to look more stylish and stylish, and given their design, the exterior of it actually emits blue UV light, emphasizing the cleaning process.
There must be any health.
Conscious Family(2)
Cabledrop ClipsHere, I must say that a picture is really worth a thousand words --
You have to see images of these cableway clips to fall in love with them.
So you have a workstation with dozens of wires and cables spiraling up in all directions.
Your cables don't really like to fall off your desk and have you search for them in a variety of ways, but they don't help --
They are naturally loose and clumsy. Solution?
Place them in one place with cableway clips and roll them into a laptop, PC or mobile phone when needed.
The cableway clip is small and round, with two different colors --
Soft and bright.
There is a adhesive surface at the bottom that allows them to attach to almost anything --
The side of the table, the top of the table or the side of the wall.
These clips gently grab your wires or cables so they don't fall off your desk every time you unplug them. (3)
No mention of this super LED shower head "cool things to buy" list is incomplete
LED shower heads. Yes -
You 've never even heard of them, but in addition to being very cool, they can greatly improve the decor of your bathroom and of course the shower experience.
As the name suggests, these LED showerheads will emit a variety of red, blue and green light as water flows out of the showerheads.
Not only that-
The color is actually determined according to the temperature of the water;
How cool is this?
They will give your child another reason (
Or rather, a reason)
Take a shower.
If they don't like the cleaning process, they will enjoy the refreshing experience of standing under the brightly lit water flow.
The LED shower head also comes with a remote control that lets you change the color or switch it back to no"
Color "mode, although I personally did not find a real use.
The only remote I found useful is T.
But hey, this is me. (4)Laser Volume-
Does the distance surveyor have a husband, son, father, or a member of the "male" species that consider themselves "human?
Well, if they're still living in the "dark ages", there's something here to upgrade their devices
Style of scissors and measuring ruler.
Here are a few things you can invest in for your house that will actually eliminate the use of measurement tapes.
Laser volume-
The distance meter is a cool gadget that emits a laser that measures the distance between the device and the object you are pointing.
By measuring the length and width, the device will also calculate the area and volume for you.
The perfect tool to add to the home toolbox. (5)
To be honest, the phone charging on the table or somewhere on the ground is not the most beautiful view your house can offer.
I mean, flying around the length of the rope and the wires, creating ugly loops along the way, hanging from your desk or creating a scene on the floor is not attractive.
If you have the least vision
"Like me, this confusion will surely make you cold.
A mobile phone holder sets up a small platform for your mobile phone, or a "bed" so that your mobile phone can rest and hang off your power socket, and allows you to wrap the cord of the charger neatly around its neck to provide a clean charging experience for your phone.
Buy one for each phone and feel free to buy different colors to match the color scheme of your room (
They have 5 colors). Happy charging!
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