3 ways to find your body fat percentage - handheld measurement device

by:UMeasure     2019-09-08
3 ways to find your body fat percentage  -  handheld measurement device
More and more people are beginning to realize that their body fat percentage is a key fitness indicator, which is more important than BMI (Body mass index)
Or the numbers on their scale.
But how do you measure your body fat percentage?
I mean, you don't see this when you step on your typical weight, like your weight.
There are actually three good ways to measure the percentage of body fat, one of which is ideal for home use.
Let's take a look at what they are: * Immersion Technology * clamp technology * bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA)
Immersive technology is the most accurate method.
It includes flooding a person in a special tank and determining how much water they discharge.
This information is used together with the weight of a person to calculate their density.
The percentage of their body fat can be calculated.
A good method for scientific research, but not very practical for you and me.
Calipers technology this technique uses calipers to measure the amount of skin that can be squeezed at a specific part of the body.
For most people, this place has proven to be a representative of whole body fat.
With this measurement, plus their age and gender, one can look up their approximate body fat percentage on the chart.
Using calipers is a bit inaccurate than immersion, but for ordinary people like you and me, using calipers is a lot more practical.
Analysis of bioelectrical impedance (BIA)
In this way, a small, safe current passes through your body.
Every body organization (
Fat, muscles, bones, etc. )
Has different resistance to the flow of this current (
Different impedance).
This impedance is combined with a person's height, weight, age, gender, and general level of activity, used to calculate the percentage of body fat.
Although BIA is not as accurate as immersion technology, it gives very good results without the entire underwater scene, without careful measurement of the clamp technology.
BIA devices can be easily included in the hands
There are measuring devices and even scales.
Once a person enters basic information about themselves into such a scale or handheld device, measuring their body fat percentage is as simple as calling themselves the first thing in the morning.
Scales measuring your body fat percentage and weight are easy to buy at home goods and department stores for $50.
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