aeva signs sensor deal with audi\'s self-driving unit

by:UMeasure     2020-04-06
Aeva Inc. , a startup created by former Apple engineers Sorosh Salehian and Mina Rezk, has signed a sensor-
Deal with Audi\'s system
Self-owned units in the process of self-work
Driving technology for Volkswagen.
Aeva said on Wednesday that Audi\'s assistance
The automatic intelligent driving unit is the \"center of excellence\" of the mass self-driving effort, which will be in its so-called “e-
Tron in Munich, Germany \"develops fleet vehicles.
The lidar equipment provides three vehicles.
Dimension view of the road.
Audi\'s aid says it will use sensors to help develop its so-called robo-
The goal of taxis is to independently transport passengers around the city in the next few years.
Aeva raised $45 million in venture Capital last year under the leadership of Lux Capital and Canaan.
AID Chief Technology Officer Alexander Hagel said in an interview with Reuters that his department was attracted by Aeva\'s technology because it could produce 3-
Figure D of the surrounding environment of the vehicle, and real-time measurement of the speed of objects around the vehicle.
Haag said this could help sensors find out how pedestrians travel between two cars.
\"If anything changes, this is something you need to pay attention to,\" he said . \".
Aeva\'s sensor can measure the speed of the object because it is different from most lidar units that are now tested on the road.
Many lidar units emit powerful laser pulses and measure their strength after they bounce off the road and return to the sensor.
On the contrary, the unit of Aeva issued a lower
Power the continuous wave and measure its frequency when it returns. Montana-
Blackmore, a startup, is working on a similar continuous wave technology.
Lower power requirements mean that Aeva can make sensors in the same factory as traditional semiconductors, which will help reduce the cost of future equipment, Rezk said.
The number that automakers want to reduce is that the current cost of other LiDAR equipment can be as high as $100,000.
\"We can integrate many of these optical elements at the silicon level,\" Rezk told Reuters . \".
\"It was designed for a large scale.
Aeva and AID will not disclose the financial terms of the transaction, nor will they disclose the current cost of the sensor, but Haag said that the automaker believes that \"we have a right cost path, aeva\'s sensor.
\"The cost depends largely on production,\" he said . \"
\"So it\'s kind of chicken-and-
The problem with eggs, but that\'s where we can be chickens because we have the potential to scale up.
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