A Straight Fence Using a String

by:UMeasure     2020-06-13
A straight fence is more beautiful than a fence without it, but relying on your eyes to get it straight is asking for trouble.The outdoor view can be confusing, and the sloping terrain and background vegetation make it easy to misjudge the lines.The laser makes the work easier, but if you have a budget, you can do what the fence builder does before the laser is available and use the rope.It works like a laser queue.You can also fix the corners of the fence with a rope and tape measure.Mark both ends of one side of the fence with a tape measure and use a post to dig a hole in each markAnchor Post digging machine.Before you put the post on concrete or gravel, put it into each hole and use a height vertical.If you set the column to concrete, let the concrete set up before proceeding.Push the screw into two anchor posts about 6 inch off the ground and allow the head to protrude 1-half inch.Tie a rope to a screw, stretch it to another screw, tighten it and tie it to that screw.Mark the position of the line column and dig a hole for each line directly under the string.Place a post in each hole, and when you probe it, align its face with a rope.The Post should touch the string without unexpanding.When you backfill the hole with gravel or concrete, keep the post in contact with the rope.Attach a string to the Anchor Bar at the same height as the already existing string.Stretch it in the general direction of the anchor column and measure 4 feet of the string with a tape measure.Keep the end of the tape measure at a distance of 3 feet from the post.Make a diagonal line between the existing string and the string you are holding with a tape measure.Move the string you keep back and forth until it\'s with 5-Footprints on the tapeOpen a stake on the ground to mark this.Stretch the string to the rough position of the post you are setting.When it has just come into contact with the stake, the line it forms is perpendicular to the line formed on the other side of the fence.Make a mark on the ground to indicate the location of the new post.Tape measurement-Hole diggerlevel concrete or gravel2 wooden ironing plate, you can use the rope and line height to level the top of the post.To do this, you need to cut a post to the right height for reference.If the ground is tilted, use the post on the highest ground.
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