a breakdown of some of the gear u.s. special operations forces are using in syria

by:UMeasure     2020-04-16
President Obama announced on Monday that the United States will send 250 additional special operations troops to Syria, a small but significant escalation in the ongoing U. S. Operations in the region.
The degree of economic development in the United StatesS.
It is unclear whether there are special operational forces in Syria and neighbouring Iraq.
While some forces mainly serve as advisers to local forces such as the Iraqi army and Kurdish freedom fighters, others --
Basic elements of Joint Special Operations Command
A raid on the Islamic State captured and killed the leading leaders of the extremist group.
Pentagon officials are reluctant to comment on their deployment because they are concerned about the safety of their operations.
However, the latest video released by the news site France24 last weekend provides some insights.
The video was filmed in February when Syrian Democratic forces were fighting for Shadi, a town in eastern Syria. S.
As the force that seems to be the observation element of the United StatesS.
A-Air strikes carried out
10 ground attack aircraft
Shadi, a border town that is the gateway for Islamic State forces to Iraq, has been captured relatively quickly by Syrian Democratic Forces and Syrian Kurds.
The Pentagon hyped the outcome of the battle and praised the success and speed of the operation as an example of its campaign in Syria.
Syrian Democratic Forces
Syrian opposition coalition-
With the support of the United States, Syrian Kurds have occupied most of Shadi in less than a week. S.
Air strikes and special operations forces on the ground.
The team in the video may be a mix from a variety of special operations forces, including Air Force Tactical Air Force Command and Air Control Party experts, Army Green Beret, and members of the Army Delta Force
Although it rarely happens in short videos, most parts of the United StatesS.
The mission of the troops can be seen from the type of equipment they carry.
In addition to their weapons, including the Modular Sniper rifle of Remington
32 semi-automatic grenade launchers and what seems to be an axe, the real firepower of the special operations forces comes from a humble set of devices that can launch air strikes.
In the lens and in the image above, the troops clearly lag behind the front line as they operate from the recently built berm.
A soldier may be operating a light Mk.
4 Find the telescope on the tripod while the soldier in front of him points to a LA-
16U handheld laser burner.
The positioning range contains the cross alignment, and by using the marking in the cross alignment, the observer can view and correct the strike.
At the same time, a handheld laser marker emits a laser containing a four-digit encoding, called a pulse repetition frequency.
The same code is set on the laser-guided ammunition that supports the aircraft, allowing the bomb to \"see\" the laser on the ground and guide itself into the target.
Hand-held laser markers are relatively new and are often less accurate in a longer range compared to larger lasers
Specifies the device used by a more traditional device.
Another device is highlighted in the picture above.
The device, which is only a little larger than the iPhone, is a key node that allows US users to use it. S.
The force became an effective observer for air strikes without actual fighting.
Video enhancement receiver (ROVER)
, Has been used since the middle
2000. Aerial planes are allowed to feed video of sensors to ground forces.
The rover allows the safe delivery of feed to another device, such as a computer or tablet.
The older version of the rover was slightly delayed between the aircraft and the ground, forcing the air controller to use additional means to ensure that they had real
Time information before they are allowed to attack the target seen through the rover.
The updated iteration is called the Tactical Rover.
The pand seen in this image is advertised to provide truetime imagery.
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