2016 scion ia a practical indulgence for penny-pinching millennials

by:UMeasure     2020-04-02
There have been recent rumors that millennials cannot afford new cars because of outstanding student loans.
So this generation is not considered a good generation to buy cars.
Scion wants its new iA sub
The compact sedan will change it all.
The company has brought a car to market, and it hopes it will revive its own sales and revive the interest of millennials in car purchases.
Doug Murta, vice president of the Scion Group, said in a media briefing in Philadelphia\'s Scion iA, \"These people are not eye-catching consumers, but they do allow themselves to actually indulge.
\"This iA is very practical in many ways, but it is also very attractive.
The front fascia was attacked by some people, but it was very special on the individual and not very bad.
In the market segment where you see cookies, it\'s important to be different.
Car turning tool.
Attracting millennials is critical to Scion as it expects half of iA buyers to be under 35
In a market with an average age of 52.
It\'s no wonder the company uses the actor who plays Erkel in the popular 1990 sitcom family affairs as its spokesperson.
Murtha says 70% of the owners of Scion iA will be number onetime buyers.
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Consumer reports point to the best and worst cars in 2015: sales in this segment are expected to exceed 250,000 vehicles this year.
Scion wants to be responsible for 35,000 to 40,000 of these sales.
What makes it successful is the price and value for money.
Pick-up iA starts at $15,700
Manual speed transmission and $6-$16,800Automatic speed.
Both prices are before the destination cost of $795.
Scion sees Ford Fiesta, Nissan Motor, modern accent and Chevrolet Sonic as its main competitor.
The starting price is much higher than the starting price of $11,990 for Nissan Versa, but Scion feels like a more affordable car.
Otherwise, the combination of iA with other competitors is correct and the price is lower than the Toyota Corolla, which will be the closest competitor in the Toyota family.
The place where the ears really score is value.
The basic price included in it is keyless entry pushbutton start.
I recently opened a pickup for $40,000 but didn\'t have this feature and I found it on the submarinecompact sedan.
Of course, the price of natural gas is very low, but that does not mean that there is still no value in terms of fuel economy.
2016 Scion iA is rated by EPA as an estimate for the automatic version of 33 cities/42 Highways/37 joint MPG, with an estimate for 31 cities/41 Highways/35 for the manual version
Safety is also an important consideration, especially in small cars.
The connecting ear iA has a standard lowspeed pre-
Collision system, using laser sensors to help drivers avoid collisions and help minimize damage when an accident occurs.
IA also has a brake cover system and a rear view-
Up camera standard. The pre-
The collision system is 20 feet forward and works 2 to 18 miles per hour.
Scion says more rear-end accidents can occur over 30 miles per hour.
The system will pre-
Charge the brake system and remind the driver.
If it can\'t do all this, it will stop the car (
As much as possible). On paper, a 1. 5-
A 106-horsepower, 103-pound engine. ft.
The torque doesn\'t sound much, but it\'s in the ear-catching iA.
Highway traffic in and around Philadelphia
Seems to have copied big Boston)
The sedan with two adults on board did not encounter any problems in merging and completing the work.
When you buy an automatic transmission, you can get a little performance boost from the motion mode.
It will keep the lower gear longer and provide more throttle output for more lively performance.
It does make connecting ears more attractive to drive.
Basis: price, basis (
Fuel economy: US $31-16,495city/41-highway/35-
Combined Transmission system: 1. 5-liter, four-
Cylinder Engine: Vicecompact sedan.
Details: horsepower: 106 @ 6,000 rpm Torque: 103 @ 4,000 rpm Total length: 171. 7 in. Wheelbase: 101. 2 in. Height: 58. 5 in. Width: 66. 7 in.
Curb weight: 2,385.
Benefit: Scion successfully created a sub
Compact, with a unique sense of style, affordable price, high safety.
The bad thing is: Scion iA feels less powered than cars in other segments, but this is offset by the motion patterns on the automatic transmission.
Bottom line: the importance of Scion being back in the United StatesS.
The market for this car deserves strong consideration from buyers.
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