what you wanted, what you got

by:UMeasure     2020-04-14
Amazon: Nora Jones and the Pruner are popular, but the grand theft car missed the championship. NEW YORK (CNN/Money)-
Amazon online retailer
Com posted its \"Best of 2004\" list and it seems that many of you have got what you want. . .
But some others want to know why your aunt thinks you need a black Decker opener.
The online retailer has released four lists. -
Best-selling, best-reviewed, most popular list of wishes and gifts most presented as gifts ---
Include each of its several commodity categories.
The most popular gifts of the year include \"Pirates of the Caribbean\" DVD, iPod mini (
Silver of course)
According to Amazon, Eddie ball horseshoe and sterling silver blue Topstone earrings.
Norah jones\'s \"feel like home\" CD topped the list of music and most popular gifts to make everyone happy.
At the personal care department, you asked and you got: Panasonic nose and ear beautician is at the top of the list of wishes, first1 gift.
You got it too, but there\'s no request, direct
A line laser tape that calculates the space area and volume.
It\'s a top electronic gift.
When it comes to books, many Amazon customers want \"Jon Stewart\'s Daily Show to show America \"(The Book)
But Dan Brown gave the Da Vinci Code something that was not very interesting.
Video gamers will also have to be more specific next year, and it seems like you want \"rogue cars\" but have received \"Super Mario \".
It seems that those who want the game to be for the older audience end up buying it themselves and making it a best seller for the class, and they are not disappointed ---
It is also one of the most popular video games.
For the ladies who want UGG Australia\'s best-selling \"classic short\" boots but turn on a two-tone furry sock, luck will be better next year.
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