What is the principle of laser rangefinder?

by:UMeasure     2020-04-20
According to the measurement principle, laser rangefinder can be divided into pulse laser rangefinder and phase laser rangefinder. The phase type is mainly used indoors, and the pulse type is more suitable for outdoor use. Since the phase laser rangefinder is much more accurate than the pulse sensor, this has a lot to do with its principle. Pulse method laser range finder working process: the laser emitted by the laser range finder is reflected by the measuring object, and then received by the range finder, and the sensor records the laser measurement travel time at the same time. Half of the product of the speed of light and round-trip time is the distance between the rangefinder and the object being measured. The accuracy of the pulse method used to measure distance is usually about /-1 meter. In addition, the measurement dead zone of this rangefinder is usually about 15 meters. The phase laser range finder uses the frequency of the radio band to modulate the amplitude of the laser beam, and measures the phase delay generated by the modulated light once entering and leaving the line, and then converts the wavelength according to the modulated wavelength. Light. The distance represented by the phase delay. That is, the indirect method is used to determine the time required for the light to pass through the line. As can be seen from the above introduction, the laser has been fully utilized in our daily life, but the appropriate range finder should be selected in different occasions and requirements in order to maximize the distance measurement effect. Okay.
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