What is the development prospect of laser rangefinder in China?

by:UMeasure     2020-04-20
As a factory in the world, the laser rangefinder industry has good prospects and potential. Since the 21st century, China's laser market has shown a steady and rapid growth trend. Although the industry is developing rapidly, we should be aware that China's laser industry started late, the foundation is weak, and the gap with the world's major countries is still very large. For example, compared with the laser processing system made in advanced countries, China's laser processing system is very different. It accounts for only about 2% of global sales. Mainly reflected in: high-end laser processing system less, uneven; The laser of the main component of the laser rangefinder is not turned off; There is a big gap between laser micromachining equipment. There are still many main problems: less core technologies: many key basic technologies have not been solved, and even some technologies have regressed. At present, most of the core technologies of the domestic laser rangefinder are imported, and the competitiveness of the products is insufficient. The combination of product research and development is not satisfactory: China is still in the world's leading position in the academic research of laser rangefinder, but the industry is very backward, and intellectual property rights and patent results have not been well protected, many advanced laser technologies have not been transformed into industrial applications. In addition, academic openness is not enough, and innovation efficiency is low due to fear of technological loss. The innovation ability is not strong, the support ability is poor: the system support ability is not high, the innovation ability is insufficient, mostly the traditional structure type. At present, most industries are comprehensive industries of optical machinery and electronic computing. The combination of domestic lasers and other industries is very bad, and the degree of intelligence and automation is low, which increases the difficulty of users. From the perspective of technical management, there is a lack of a good evaluation system: the lack of national standards, the evaluation system 'equivalent' improper conversion, not flashy. The existing evaluation system is a kind of self-circulation, which leads to insufficient quality supervision of laser products and is not conducive to the development of laser industry.
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