What are the uses of remote laser ranging sensors?

by:UMeasure     2020-04-20
The logistics industry has just become one of the top ten revitalization industries supported by the state, of which the three-dimensional warehouse plays an extremely important role in the whole logistics industry chain. Modern laser rangefinder and positioning technology play an important role in stereoscopic warehouse. The application in the automatic control system of stacker in track roadway has realized the absolute positioning of stacker. Not only effectively solves the accuracy and reliability of counting and positioning, but also can conveniently achieve smooth speed regulation, thereby improving the overall performance of the stacker, the application of laser range finder, positioning, programmable controller and other technologies in the automatic control system of the track stacker makes the track stacker control system surpass the original design concept and realize the absolute position identification of the stacker. Industrial remote laser ranging sensor can measure a distance of 2 to 500, and the external interface can be connected with RS232- 422 the output signals used together include digital signals, analog signals and switching signals.
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