What are the main applications of laser rangefinders?

by:UMeasure     2020-04-20
Although the overall economic situation this year is not optimistic, the laser rangefinder market is very hot. Today, I would like to summarize the main applications of laser rangefinders. First, measure long distances: or the distance to a difficult point to reach, such as dead corners of a room, high windows, etc. Second, the application of electrical equipment: Measurement of the distance from the power supply, pipe length, lighting distance calculation and requirements, office layout and square English calculation, fuse box spacing, power distribution key areas (Specification verification) , The distance between power outlets, the distance between temporary walls and furniture, etc. Three. Installation of HVAC equipment: measure the volume of heating/cold storage room; Pipe Dimensions for calculation of Cross Section and volume; Measure the distance between the pipeline and the exhaust port, temperature regulator and control line; Air handler spacing, pipe distance, cooler and boiler water pipe distance, and valve position. 4. Large equipment (Elevator, workshop equipment) Installation of: Measuring the layout of accommodation equipment, the distance between equipment, the power outlet of the production line, the pipeline measurement, the distance of the pressure pipeline, the ventilation of the equipment (Distance from floor to ceiling). 5. Installation of pump/piping equipment: determine the specifications of the pump or motor by measuring the distance between two pump pipes and pipes, the landing point of the power supply, the distance between pumps, and the distance the pump needs to push the liquid. Six, laser rangefinder measurement wireless network: Information technology installation technicians are used to measure the extension and physical distance between network equipment. VII. Evaluate various contracts (Tender):(HVAC, electrical, cable, maintenance). Measure distance, area and/or volume. Eight, laser rangefinder measurement height (Vertical distance) : Distance from floor to ceiling, from roof to equipment and above ceiling. IX. Measure the distance of obstacle area: tape measure or measuring roller cannot be used. X. Rental Housing/office installation application: When the drawings cannot be obtained, the actual measurement should be carried out. For example, the distance from temporary walls, furniture, etc.
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