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by:UMeasure     2020-06-13
Like your shoelaces or wires, the light will twist into knots.
Now scientists use computers.
Controlled holographic and theoretical physics of turning beams into pretzelslike shapes.
Researchers say the twist feat not only results in some very cool images, but also results in an impact on future laser devices.
Mark Dennis, lead researcher at the University of Bristol, UK, said: \"in the beam, the flow of light through space is similar to the flow of water in the river . \".
Dennis explained that although light from something like a laser indicator travels in a straight line, it can also flow in rotation and Whirlpool.
The vortex of these light is called an optical vortex.
Along the vortex, the intensity of the light reaches zero, or there is no light.
\"The light around us is filled with these dark lines, even though we can\'t see them,\" Dennis said . \".
\"Our job is actually to twist the dark wires in the beam into knots.
\"The researchers know that these optical swirls can be produced with holographic lenses that guide the flow of light. By using so-
Dennis and his colleagues, known as the fibered knot, are a branch of abstract mathematics inspired by everyday knots that create custom holographic images and reflect regular laser beams from them
\"The hologram is like a filter that can filter in the light, similar to the stained glass windows in the church,\" Dennis told life science . \".
\"After passing through the stained glass windows, the light has already shown the color pattern of the window.
\"But there is a difference:\" holographic images manipulate the phase of light when colored glass windows manipulate the color.
\"So every point on the holographic map, like a small piece of window glass, changes the wave cycle point of that part of the beam.
They create a hologram that changes the phase of the light so that the light flows around a dark knot.
The team then scanned a camera through the laser field to get an image of the section. (
The computer program applied before the team created the holographic basically made the area around the dark knot look bright. )
Their results are detailed online on January.
In the journal Nature Physics, there are several reasons why it is \"number one \". While so-
The study known as knot theorists is similar to the mathematical equations of dark knots, and the new study creates these knots with mathematical functions that follow the rules of light propagation.
In addition, he said that, unlike the dark knots entangled with other knots, Dennis and his colleagues produced isolated dark knots in the beam.
\"For me, it shows how physicists adapt to existing pure mathematics, such as knot theory, and finds it to show in physical phenomena,\" Dennis said . \".
\"It also shows how we use holographic photography to fine control the flow and propagation of the laser.
This degree of control may find applications in future laser devices.
\"For those who want to knot themselves, you just need their holographic images and laser beams,\" said Dennis.
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