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by:UMeasure     2020-04-03
You may have heard of laser levels and would like to know how much better they are than traditional handheld levels, if you are one of the people who buy laser levels to make life easier.Here are some basic facts to get you started.
While there are several types of laser levels, the basic idea is that the tool sends out a straight and horizontal laser line, which has some advantages over manual aiming levels.The length of the line is an advantage.The line projected horizontally by the laser can reach 15-60 feet or more, and most of the levels on hand for leisure users will be up to 6 feet long.This means that you usually have to move the horizontal plane over and over again along the wall and make more marks to keep the continuous lines.Also, this line must be marked, which presumably means that it may need to be erased, painted or otherwise removed at some point.Another benefit is that some models stick to vertical surfaces such as walls, so you can connect them and continue your project freely with your hands.Average weekend timeit-Yourself, these can be useful in items such as hanging pictures or shelves.If you have more ambitions, you may want a laser level that emits two lines, perpendicular to each other.These are very convenient for work such as laying tiles and installing cabinets.
What are the disadvantages of laser level?First, they run on batteries so they can run out of power when it\'s not appropriate.In addition, the laser beam can be very harmful to your eyesight. You should never look directly at a beam so that their intensity is regulated.Low-intensity laser beams are used at the laser level.When you use a laser level, this means that they can be difficult to see and often cannot be used outdoors.You can buy laser glasses to help filter out light other than your laser beam, but you also need to weigh the extra cost if you choose.Laser glasses allow you to see the laser line more clearly in bright light and at a longer distance.
From a cost point of view, the laser level can be very cost-effective, in fact the cost is roughly the same as the high quality handheld level.

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