This paper introduces the concrete application of laser rangefinder in architectural decoration design

by:UMeasure     2020-04-19
In daily life, interior designers and architects often encounter problems in the design and decoration process, which is a headache due to various measurement difficulties or potential safety hazards that cannot be found near the measurement site. Now, laser rangefinder can solve similar problems for you and can easily measure distances that cannot be close to the position or length of an object. Hand-held laser rangefinders, such as stairwells, elevators and other areas that do not directly contact the measurement target, can help you replace the traditional box-shaped regular measurement and save manpower. Laser rangefinder is a new type of high-performance hand-held rangefinder introduced in recent years. It adopts patented design and can measure 0. 05 to 200 M. The measurement accuracy is ±1 ±1. 5 MM. It measures quickly, is easy to use and has a compact design. Take it with you. With this laser rangefinder, you no longer need a lifting table or telescopic ladder to measure the volume of the House or stairwell, and it only takes a few seconds to measure the reading. In traditional measurement, there is a potential safety hazard that cannot approach the measurement position. The laser rangefinder has a red laser point, which allows you to clearly understand the position of the measuring point, only need one person to operate without other tools (Such as a ladder). Even in hard-to-reach areas, all measurement work can be carried out to prevent maximum injury accidents. In addition, in addition to the pocket-sized portable design, the rangefinder also has the function of length addition and subtraction, so it does not have to lie on the ground because it is measuring the ceiling. Large LCD backlit display screen and laser rangefinder enable you to easily read measurement data when aiming at the target. Using a laser rangefinder, one can start working at twice the speed of the traditional method. Measuring distance, area, volume, triangle position Pythagoras theorem, etc. , can be widely used in the following fields: 1. Construction industry: construction distance measurement, housing acceptance, pouring area, volume and other calculations. 2, indoor industry: no area, doors and windows, bracket size measurement. 3. Measurement industry: direct measurement of various distances or distance measurements that cannot be directly measured. 4. Electromechanical industry: Installation of telecommunication equipment, construction of equipment distance measurement, durability measurement, distance measurement that cannot be directly measured. 5. The public security system measures the distance of accident handling.
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