The system structure of laser rangefinder is analyzed

by:UMeasure     2020-04-20
Laser, infrared and ultrasonic are three types of rangefinders, but at present what we call laser rangefinders, laser rangefinders, infrared rangefinders and ultrasonic rangefinders have very low measurement accuracy due to limited measurement distance. There are many applications that are not demanding. Laser rangefinder is an instrument that uses laser to accurately measure the distance of a target. The laser rangefinder emits very thin laser when working, and the target is reflected by photoelectric elements. Laser beam, the timer measures the time from the emission to the reception of the laser beam, and calculates the distance from the observer to the target. Laser ranging technology has been developed for many years. The earliest appearance is contact measurement method. Due to its narrow application range, its development is limited. During the Second World War, the demand for measurement and positioning of air targets promoted the rapid development of electromagnetic wave non-contact measurement technology represented by radar. Accurate Time Measurement Technology is one of the core technologies in the research of time-of-flight ranging methods and many transient processes. In view of the importance of this technology, many companies, research institutions and universities at home and abroad have conducted research in this regard. At present, some precision time measuring devices with different precision, different volume mass and different cost have been formed. A typical laser ranging system should have the following four modules: laser emission module; Laser receiving module; Distance calculation and display module; Laser alignment and focusing module. When the system is working, the emission unit emits a laser beam, and after reaching the object to be measured, it is diffuse reflected back. After receiving, enlarging and shaping by the receiving unit, the display unit displays the target object distance after the calculation of the distance calculation unit.
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