the insane true stories behind 6 cursed movies

by:UMeasure     2020-04-06
They say no one believes in the curse until they end up living under it.
Just ask the actors and crew of the following films known as \"cursed\" in Hollywood legend.
Of course, you can\'t ask some of them because they are dead now. From .
Or it\'s just bad luck.
You are the judge.
The trio of politicians who appeared in the politician trilogy is now dead, and he says it is an extreme, completely untrue version of the curse of politicians.
In fact, Nancy Allen
Follow-up of robot war Police)
To a large extent still alive.
It\'s just her business.
The real thing is that four of the actors in the trilogy died within six years of the release of the first film, which caused discussion.
The so-called deaths include child actor Heather o\'lock, who appeared in all three films and died before the third film was released.
She suffered from a disease considered to be flu and was taken to hospital and later died on the operating table due to complications.
So Julian Baker.
Play the terrible old man in the second part)
Died of cancer. . . . . .
Native American actor will Samson died in an operation.
Please note that he was wanted for suffocation and destruction of state property at the time).
We have Dominic Dunn.
Play the biggest child in the first movie)
In the same year the film was released, she was strangled by her boyfriend.
This is where the \"curse\" starts to shake because it doesn\'t seem like a supernatural misfortune, it\'s more like having a damn boyfriend for murder.
So what did the filmmakers do to provoke the soul?
In the first film, they used real human remains as props.
You know, this movie about the sacrilege of the Dead\'s body angered their souls.
Worst of all, none of the so-called curse victims really took part in the decision to use real remains on set.
When you apply the curse randomly, isn\'t this destroying the whole of the curse?
It\'s just sloppy.
According to a famous film expert (Read: Wikipedia)
JoBeth Williams, who plays Diane freelyn, claims that she goes home from the set every day and finds photos on her crooked wall!
Then she will straighten them out and find them bent again the next day!
Whether it\'s supernatural or not, it\'s just a damn curse job when you have to use the laser level to tell if it\'s happening.
In the past few decades, Superman has brought a lot of misfortune to those involved in the Superman series, from the destruction of their careers to death.
The first is George Reeves, who played Superman in the 1950s TV series.
He was found dead in 1959 from a gunshot wound to his head.
The death was convicted of suicide, but his fingerprints were never found on the gun, so unless he shot himself with his foot (
This is the length of the insurance company)
It could be murder.
And, of course, Christopher Reeves. -
Similar surnames, similar bad luck.
After his success in the four films, he was thrown out of the horse in 1995, paralyzing him below the waist, vividly demonstrating the reason why humans gave up the horse as a vehicle.
A little less serious misfortune came to Richard Pryor, and if his misfortune was not enough, he was later diagnosed with multiple hardening.
And then you got magkide (Lois Lane)
Suffering from bipolar disorder and Malone Brando (Jor-El)
He withdrew from society and was committed to becoming the fattest man on Earth.
On the periphery of the curse area, we have a variety of actors who starred in the adaptation and later died in their careers.
Dean Kane, who plays Superman, is an example.
Those who don\'t believe in the curse often point out Kane\'s colleagues
Star Terry Harcher later appeared in long dragon
Run TV programs.
On the other hand, those who believe in the curse often point out that Terry Hatcher later starred in the long-running TV show, so what caused this?
Did they bother another ancient cemetery?
Well, we like to think that the two men who created Superman, Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster, canceled the curse.
During their signing with DC Comics, they created one of the country\'s most popular superheroes, who were completely messed up by royalties.
In 1975, the couple ended up getting an annual pension from DC parent company Warner, which hopes to avoid bad publicity before the first movie is released.
However, it is clear that the £ 35 they pay a year is not enough to offset bad karma.
This is a series of meaningless coincidences, or \"curses \".
According to internal sources ,(
\"John F. 1963
Kennedy\'s staff endorsed a story in which the hero praised the president\'s fitness program, which will be published on the cover in April 1964.
Kennedy was shot dead on November 22.
\"As far as we know, this is the first time Superman has been touted as a second gunman. 4Atuk (Unreleased)
Atuk is a water movie script about a \"funny\" water movie that Eskimo came to New York.
However, the film has never been filmed because people in Hollywood don\'t know what good things are when they see it. Oh and also, .
Belushi has read the script and is interested in his role when he died of a drug overdose in 1982. So what, right?
But as Einstein once said, everything is relative.
As one cracked editor once said, for the purpose of a comedy article, everything can look like it\'s connected.
After berussi\'s death, the main character was comedian Sam Kinison.
Kinison asked for a part of the film to be remade.
Written and production was stopped.
Years later, the script was still cursed and Kinison died in a car accident.
The curse is clearly beginning again.
The main character of the film was passed on to John canddie in 1994.
Candy has no idea it\'s cursed at all (
Read: A water comedy about Eskimo
And died of heart disease quickly.
The script was buried somewhere in Hollywood and all the chubby comedians vowed to stay away from the movie forever.
In addition to Chris Farley, he died of a drug overdose in 1997.
In 1994, John Candy was murdered in the same year (Through the script)
Michael o\'donojo is dead.
Who is Michael O\'Donoghue?
He\'s a friend of John Belushi.
Dude, it\'s creepy.
Rosemary\'s children is a 1968-year-old Roman Polanski film about a Manhattan woman\'s husband signing a Faust deal with Satan.
Cult worship next door.
The composer of the film died of cerebral thrombosis after a year of production, just like a character in the film.
Then producer William Castle had kidney failure shortly after the film was made, and vowed that the film was cursed after being treated with a shout \"for God\'s sake, put that knife down\"
But these stories aside, the curse was mainly built around the crazy luck of Roman Polanski.
On 1969, Polanski bought a house for himself and his wife Sharon Tate, who was eight months pregnant.
Unfortunately Polanski broke the first rule of real estate: never buy a house from someone who annoys Charles Manson.
The former owner of the house was music producer Terry Melcher, who had previously refused to record Manson\'s music.
Manson ordered his cult to go to Polanski\'s house to express his disappointment.
There they killed Sharon Tate, her unborn baby and four others, and stabbed the victim many times.
After the murder, one of the killers took a rag, soaked some of Tate\'s blood, and used it to write \"pig\" on the front door \".
So with the curse going on, it\'s much worse than the distorted picture.
Polanski was in London at the time, so he survived the attack.
He continued his successful career with no problems but key failures.
Oh, but then he was accused of rape.
He may blame the curse for it, but we don\'t think it will be put on hold in court.
After the Beatles songs, the Manson family called their murder frenzy \"Helter Skelter \".
John Lennon was later murdered outside the hotel.
This is the same hotel used in some scenarios. A coincidence? Yes.
When you think of Genghis Khan
Mongolia, a half-known world of conquistors, savvy military tactician, Mongolia, homicides, Mongolia, revenge, Mongolia)
Who did you shoot?
John Wayne, right? Exactly.
That\'s why he\'s the inspiration actor for the Howard Hughes 1956 epic.
Before the film was made, Wayne said: \"The script is a cowboy movie, and I will play Genghis Khan in this way.
I think he\'s a shooter.
In the film, as Genghis Khan said, Wayne said: \"There is wisdom of the moment, Juh-
Then I will listen to you.
There was a moment of action and then I listened to my blood.
I feel this tatawu.
My blood said, \"take her away ! \"
It is clear that a film has been successful and has won unanimous praise from the public.
Damn supernatural curse! .
Actress Susan Hayward survived the panther attack.
Unfortunately, for Susan and other actors, the health and safety regulations of the 1950 s were not as strict as they are now.
For example, the stuntman does not need to wear any seat belts, fire drills are not mandatory, and movies can be filmed in the downwind of the Nevada desert --
Nuclear test facilities on the ground.
As a result, the actors and staff were exposed to radiation within 13 weeks of shooting in Snow Canyon, and the downwind of the Yuka apartment was 11 atomic bombs tested by the US military.
The rest of the film was filmed in Hollywood, but Howard Hughes managed to maintain the integrity of the film\'s Mongolian background by transporting 60-tone nuclear contaminated dirt back to Hollywood from Snow Canyon
Over the next few years, 91 of the 220 crew members had cancer and 46 people, including John Wayne, Susan Haywald and director, died.
Another star in the film, Pedro arendariz, found his cancer was advanced and committed suicide.
Howard Hughes, in the last few days of his life, his beard and nails grew unnerving and lived a way of living in seclusion now, and it was reported that he looked over and over again, when he waits for the sweet embrace of death.
Good movie.
It is said that during the filming, the actors had to endure the heat of more than 120 degrees!
This is unheard of except, you know, in the desert, as they did.
There is no film in history with less luck than it is.
Hell, there\'s no worse luck in history.
Jewish luck is better.
While filming the plane of screenwriter David Selce, the lights hit his plane, and the plane of star Gregory Pike and executive producer Mesz neuffir also hit him.
All of them are lucky that the lighting will not strike twice.
But you know what? IRA bombings.
During the production process, a hotel in Newfield was bombed by the Irish Republican Army, and a restaurant booked by the director and actor was also bombed.
Fortunately, no one died.
On the other hand, the assistant to special effects consultant John Richardson is not very lucky either.
Richardson crashed in the Netherlands on Friday, August 13, 1976.
His assistant was scratched by the front wheel of the car.
Richardson climbed out of the wreckage and looked up at a signpost: Ommen, 66. 6km.
A Tiger administrator of the film died.
Gregory Pike\'s son committed suicide.
A plane scheduled for use in the movie was rearranged and used for commercial flights, crashed and killed everyone on board.
We are not saying we believe in the curse.
We just said we should stop making movies about Satan.
A stunt man who worked for omens was later hospitalized while filming the film.
Except he\'s a stunt man.
Deliberately fell off the roof.
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