The function of laser rangefinder in golf field

by:UMeasure     2020-04-21
In foreign countries, the laser rangefinder has already been used in golf fields, and our country has gradually filled the vacancy in this field, and has independently developed its own golf laser ranging and display system, the famous Nanjing Zhongshan Golf course took the lead in citing this technology, which is also the 'best course for the 2007 Middle School Tour' and 'China golf Award- Best new club ',' 2007 my favorite golf course- The best club service ball club in the country, the best club facilities ball club ',' Hurun Baifu- Another breakthrough in a series of awards such as Jiangsu golf course, which is the most favored by the rich. The use of laser rangefinder on the golf course is convenient for the players to know the distance played each time more accurately. People who often play golf know that the ball is usually stopped by the bottom net in a driving range with a short distance, and players cannot judge the actual location of the ball. In the long fairway driving range, when the ball's landing point exceeds 150 yards, it is difficult for the player to judge the actual flight distance of the ball. If you have a driving range with a length of more than 300 yards, you will often have a member number 1 open to more than 250 yards. For this reason, clubs with strong service quality can help members to better judge the placement point and distance of the ball with the help of rangefinder, and understand the stability and improvement of their own ball skills. It adopts the principle of laser, through the one-to-one correspondence of emission and reception, it can accurately calculate the landing point of the golf ball and collect the information of the most initial movement state of the golf ball; Then, through the calculation and processing equipment, the collected information is calculated, and then the result is emitted, thus calculating the distance from the flying point of the ball to the hitting position; Finally, the LED display part receives the information processed by calculation and displays it in a certain order. Players can watch their hitting distance through the display screen to understand the stability and improvement of their skills.
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