The first China surveying and mapping industry vocational skills competition will be held soon

by:UMeasure     2020-04-22
Surveying and Mapping, based on computer technology, photoelectric technology, network communication technology, space science and information science, is based on global positioning system (GPS), Remote sensing (RS), Geographic information system (GIS) As the core technology, the existing feature points and boundaries of the ground are obtained by measuring means to reflect the current situation of the ground and seat information for the planning and design and administrative management of engineering construction. In order to increase the interaction of surveying and mapping industry, the first national surveying and mapping industry vocational skills competition will be held in Harbin and Shijiazhuang from September 10-26. The organizers of this activity are the State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping and Beijing four-dimensional space Digital Technology Co. , Ltd. , which will once again promote the upsurge of China's surveying and mapping industry. Song Chaozhi, deputy director of the State Administration of Surveying and Mapping, said that the first national surveying and mapping industry vocational skills competition was large in scale, with a large number of participants and great significance. He was very proud of being exclusively sponsored by national brands. Song Chaozhi said that the purpose of holding this competition is to give full play to the role of vocational skills competitions in training, selecting and encouraging high-skilled talents, to provide a competitive stage for surveying and mapping workers to fully demonstrate their technical level and operational ability, to guide the vast number of employees in the surveying and mapping industry to study business, love their posts and work hard, continuously improve their skill level and reflect their own values. At the same time, promote the progress and innovation of surveying and mapping production technology, and form a good atmosphere of caring, attaching importance to and supporting the cultivation of skilled talents in the whole industry, actively explore the establishment of a rapid growth mechanism for high-skilled talents with competition as a means and talent selection as the purpose, and comprehensively promote the construction of surveying and mapping high-skilled talents. Song Chaozhi said that this competition is a national vocational skill competition. I believe that the competition will greatly enhance the cohesiveness and charisma of the surveying and mapping industry.
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