the art of the floor plan: capturing a home, line by line

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Diane Cardwell\'s May 30, 2011 assessment in a highly competitive home marketing game, brokers went out of their way to cast properties in the most flattering light, Polish rough edges, clean up sundries, load new furniture, hire professional photographers, beautifully crafted pictures attract mouth-watering buyers to the open house on weekends.
But another important part of the packaging, a black part that looks almost mechanical --and-
White minimalism, however, is often the result of careful consideration and artistic permission: floor plans.
Gerald Markowski said: \"I love photos, but if people see furniture that looks like your grandmother might have used, or wall colors that they don\'t like, they can turn it off, he is responsible for the marketing of Halstead Property and will establish a database of original plans as a mission of the company.
\"The floor plan is more of a neutral background for them to see what\'s in the apartment\" and the relationship between the rooms, he said.
This is where Lou Wenger and a group of graphic designers who specialize in graphic design come in.
Sir, he is equipped with a laser range finder, his own custom graphic paper and various colored pens
Arsène Wenger has drawn up plans for many established real estate companies, including Harster, Brown Harris Stevens and Gumley Haft clay.
Over the years, brokers have started using existing floor plans from collecting phonesdirectory-
Size binder, sir.
But these have become less useful because they are often a blurred or incomplete copy of the lines, the handwriting is fuzzy, and it doesn\'t look good online, says Makoski.
Although the agency still uses the layout in the books, many agencies are turning to independent drafters to draw floor plans from scratch.
\"I think my plan is the most beautiful . \"
Wenger said in his crowded home office in the Upper East Side that there were movies and DVDs of the old \"Columbus\" episode.
\"Sometimes you look at a plan and they keep it as general as possible and I like to try to reflect it --
Not completely crazy, O. K. ? —
Because it really shows up.
If something has a rounded edge, I will try my best to make it look as pleasant as I can. ”Mr.
Wenger, a former photographer who started with a real estate agent, found he had no knack for renting an apartment, he said.
Realizing that agents could use better materials to market their listings, he persuaded the boss to ask him to shoot the apartments and include floor plans in the portfolio he created.
He eventually gave up photography and focused on painting through his company Floorplansource.
The price of the first 250 square feet is $1,000, 12 cents higher than that.
He first measured the space and the overall size of the room.
He noted that the laser so that it could capture the distance from the wall to the wall, without intrusion like a molded or radiator cover.
He drew the walls and windows with a graphite mechanical pencil and marked the dimensions in red;
Green doorways, openings, and passages;
And fixtures and buildings-
The blue plugin so that when they redo the layout on the computer, he and his freelance designer can quickly identify each element.
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He indicates the relative thickness of the wall by the thickness of the line-
Although they are based on general architectural practices of different types of buildings rather than estimates of building or engineering records.
He marked something with windows, fixtures, and any cut-in space, such as a post, and the process usually involves surprising estimates.
\"On the final floor plan, you don\'t see the size of a column --
These columns will appear there proportionally.
\"That\'s why accurate measurements are not so important,\" he said . \".
\"The size of the room will be recorded, which is what people want to know.
\"It is important to place fixtures such as toilets, sinks and bathtubs as it allows buyers to see where the pipes are --
They can slip in an extra dressing room or bathroom. Sometimes, Mr.
Wenger said the agent would ask him to change the details, such as making the Windows wider than they actually do, to better reflect what they said about the room.
He will meet these demands, though too many of them will backfire.
See the floor plan for 75 Bedford Street 1/2-
The narrowest house in the city is about 9 feet and a half wide outside, inside 8 feet and a half wide, currently selling for $4.
3 million through town house
He says the illustrator can make the wall mural look wider by making it thicker.
\"But it doesn\'t pay ,\"Wenger said.
\"People enter there and say it feels narrower than the plan.
If it\'s lemonade, don\'t call it orange juice.
That\'s what it is.
\"A version of this article was printed on page A21 of The New York edition on May 31, 2011 with the title: The Art of the floor plan: capturing a home line by line.
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