rockets’ patrick beverley got into it with a thunder fan, and now the nba is investigating

by:UMeasure     2020-04-16
NBA is investigating Houston Rockets guard Patrick Beverly and fans at 115 on Friday night-
Thunder lost 113 of its energy arena in Chesapeake, Russia.
Here\'s Fred Katz of The Norman Transcript: After reviewing a video, ESPN\'s Ramona Shelburn said that before leaving the stadium, people saw Beverly exchange words with fans for about 10 to 15 seconds under the basket.
The fan is the son of Thunder minority boss Jay Scaramucci, Katz reports.
A spokesman for the arena said officials there were aware of the incident and were cooperating with the NBA investigation, which would include a review of the video and an interview with Beverly.
Beverly only scored one point and missed all his six shot attempts on Friday night and he fixed the issue on Saturday: beverly has been operating in the city of orcala since the 2013 playoffs. When he collided with Russell Westbrook, his meniscus was torn.
But he said the Thunder fans were completely different from what he had encountered while playing overseas.
\"Well, I was hit overseas,\" he said Friday through USA Today . \".
\"I don\'t think anyone is hitting me in the face here, so I might say it\'s much better than overseas.
In Turkey, there\'s a laser in my eyes.
Fan with handheld laser indicator]
Something like this. . .
A small firecracker bomb exploded behind.
Things like this, so I don\'t think anything is happening here, so I think I\'ll be fine.
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