ramaphosa gives green light for army to go into cape\'s gang-infested areas

by:UMeasure     2020-04-09
Police Minister Bheki Cele announced on Thursday night that South African defense forces will join the campaign against gang-infested areas in Cape Town on Friday.
He announced the news at the end of his budget speech and further elaborated it at a press conference shortly thereafter.
He said that last weekend, in the Philippines, 13 people were killed within 24 hours, and he spoke to Defense Minister Nosiviwe mapuza --Nqakula.
They concluded: \"The situation cannot continue.
They then contacted President Cyril ramafusa to request \"additional deployments\" in the form of SANDF \".
Ramaphosa agreed.
Cele said that they decided to take this action not because DA has been instigating but because the community has called for this action through the community policing forum.
National police chief Kehla Sitole will issue a parade order to police and Metro police on Friday to \"block\" areas where gang violence is prevalent.
SANDF will join them within 12 hours.
Cele said they would go and look for some of their regular \"clients\", including those who were released on bail.
\"What we want is real things, not agents of drugs,\" he said . \".
They will also hunt down illegal guns.
\"They are trying to get us to call the police to make sure that there aren\'t so many deaths,\" Cele said of SANDF\'s involvement . \".
The deployment time is three months and can be extended.
\"After that, sustainability is needed,\" he said . \"
Sitole described the action as a \"high density, integrated, multi-disciplinary, coordinated\" action.
He said the police would \"lead and direct\" Sandev.
He said they were capable of supporting the police.
\"This time we call it blue and brown,\" said Sitole . \".
He said the defense forces also helped maintain security during the election.
\"They did a good job.
He said the action would take a \"stable approach\" to \"imprint state authority\" in the region \".
\"There are areas where quick response is needed.
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