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by:UMeasure     2020-04-08
David Bowie once said that tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it.
In live music, it may belong to those who can see it coming.
We live in one of the most popular periods of music, from Mama Mia!
The soundtrack of George Ezra is quite conservative.
The most striking innovation is not happening in the studio, but on the stage, where there is a lot of money to earn, and the set designer is figuring out new ways to attract the audience.
I \'ve been working on some of the most interesting developments in the past few weeks.
Returned from death Sunday night at the London Stadium.
The conductor\'s bow, the short overture of the orchestra, then came on stage after a great day.
She was dignified and straight, in an ivory ball gown, waving her hand to the audience, and she was glowing: you can\'t take your eyes off her.
The voice she makes when she opens her mouth is sublime-powerful and subtle, both exciting and memorable.
She has something extraordinary on her body.
However, this one is really strange: she has been dead for 40 years.
Maria Callas returned to the tour as a holographic image.
The gesture is in advance.
Recorded by an actress, the body is double, but holographic photography is a skill of light.
The person in charge of installing it said it was a digital laser projection, said Marty Tudor, CEO of basic holographic production.
Take a hologram, like with a wax figure, and you can be impressed at the same time with the way this thing looks like a real person and realize that it\'s not very successful.
In my opinion, Callas holographic photos reinforce this by being translucent at some point, and you can see the wood wind part in the shadow through her pashmina.
Last year, Roy obisen\'s holographic image went on a tour in the UK and, like Callas, it sang beautifully.
For each of them, it feels like the song is true.
\"Yes,\" said Tudor.
\"The recording of Callas\'s day was recorded live and mixed in mono, so all that was there was a track and the vocal and orchestra were mixed together.
You can separate her voice today, which is expensive, but we don\'t want to use fake sounds.
Tudor said he wanted to work with a living singer and mentioned Neil Diamond, who retired from the tour in last January.
For its next trick, however, basic holographic will bring another death legend to some kind of life: it has signed an agreement with Amy Winehouse Manor.
20 years later, I was wondering if we would see the Beatles holographic images playing forever in the cave and Michael Jackson would end up spending these 50 nights at O2?
For most of us, drones are those irritating things that bring Gatwick to a standstill before Christmas.
But there are some interesting possibilities for a stage designer.
In 2016, I went to the countryside of Pennsylvania, looked at Tait Towers, built a mobile stage entertainment engineer for Beyonce, designed flight safety belts for Taylor Swift, designed for u2
What they seem to be most excited about is the development of drones, who have just deployed some drones for the stadium-looks like big and evil beach balls --rock band Muse.
They just need to figure out how to use a lot of drones safely.
GPS is used to guide drones outdoors, but usually does not work indoors.
A year later, the problem was solved. The hard-
In June, the rock band Metal performed numerous world tours in the UK.
In addition to the stage and screen, they also took advantage of the space above and 52 cubes were walking around in the air showing video images.
When Metallica began to play their latest single, \"The Moth turned into a flame,\" a group of drone planes buzzing in the air.
There are 100 drones, each of which is about the size of one hand.
Michael Tate, founder of the company, said that with the development of music, drones formed above the band.
\"They are very light and their sound levels are negligible on stage.
Most things are like this in rock shows.
The best seats in London\'s House section a few nights before Christmas.
Before the headline was released, there were two DJs to warm up the audience, Liam Payne, but there was something strange on the stage.
The microphone and keyboard are dotted with steel bars, each covered with a gray grapefruit.
These are cameras, and Penn\'s performance is being communicated to anyone in the world who has Oculus Go headphones.
Welcome to the event held live in front of the real audience, but only performed as an exercise in virtual reality (VR).
MelodyVR exists to put music into this new medium, and Nikki Lambert, chief marketing officer, handed me a headset to try it out in their London office.
Put it on, you\'re not sure if you feel like a soldier in a night dress
Wear goggles or a horse with a nose bag.
There is a wireless mouse, small and smooth, with two small buttons on it and a larger button on the front to do most of the work.
A menu pops up with some options.
Here\'s Mabel, up-and-
The upcoming British singer.
You can feel you are on stage with her, as close as her bass player.
Golden boy sigred with Norwegian dance
Pop music shot outside the Brighton Dome, playing the piano on the grass alone.
For old fans, there is the World Health Organization at Wembley Stadium.
You can see the interaction between Roger darterre and Pete Townsend, whose little smiles and faces capture half a century of collaboration.
Alternatively, you can click on another camera to look out at the crowd from the drum rack.
All cameras are 360 degrees, so the field of view will follow you when you turn.
\"We have brought you close,\" Lambert said . \"
That\'s right: you\'re on stage.
It is not clear how much we are prepared to pay for this.
MelodyVR charges 9. 99 to £12.
It\'s a lot less than a typical ticket for a show, but it seems a bit high.
MelodyVR has reached an agreement with the three major record companies (
Sony and Warner)
Let it get 700 behavior, but its success depends on whether more people will buy headphones above £ 200, which is estimated to have 300,000 people in the world already.
Mark Zuckerberg believes Facebook will buy Oculus Rift for $2.
2014 3 billion.
The footage I \'ve seen is not as good as the typical video relay in the arena performance, and over the past decade, this video relay has grown by leaps and bounds, becoming clearer and more eye-catching.
Again, this is much better than the hopeless performance of the little movie we insist on shooting with our mobile phone.
Everyone wanted to go when I brought the headset home.
Places like the domeMusic venue, whether it\'s a club, a theater, an arena or a stadium, are not quite traditional.
But it looks like a MSG Sphere with a huge snowball that might change it all if it starts running
The planner of the 2012 Olympic Games in Stamford, east London.
It will become the largest music venue in the UK with a capacity of £ 21,500.
But the size is only part of this.
The screen is getting bigger and clearer, and the sphere brings this trend into its logical conclusion: The screen is not a rectangle behind or next to the performer, but a dome ceiling, A space between the Roman pantheon and the planetarium.
This sphere is described as \"virtual reality without glasses \".
The world\'s first sphere has been built in Las Vegas and will be completed next year.
The London area will open as early as 2021.
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