new secret passages discovered in carlsbad caverns

by:UMeasure     2020-04-17
Despite exploring for more than a century, there are still many more passages hidden in Carlsbad Cave National Park.
A team exploring the leechula cave in the park, the deepest cave in the continental United States, with an altitude of more than 410 feet (125 meters)
It is possible to enter a high dome in the early days.
After reaching the top of the mountain, climber James Hunt found a maze with previously unknown passages, pits and large rooms.
The team named it Oz.
A newly discovered pit, known as the Kansas tornado, is 510 feet (155 m)
It is high and is the largest vertical area found in the cave.
It is about half the height of the Chrysler Building in New York City or the Sears building in Chicago.
Cavers measure the height from the floor to the final rope anchor using a laser length meter.
They named it a big room in Munchkin Land in size 600 feet (183 m)long, 100-150 feet (30-46 m)wide, and 75-150 feet (23-46 m)tall.
The legalia cave is known for its vast rooms, unusual minerals, huge and fragile cave structures, and scientific importance.
This discovery heralds new areas of physical and scientific exploration.
10 caver from Colorado, South Dakota, New Mexico, California and Arizona attended 8-
An underground expedition to create these discoveries.
Since mapping began in 1986, explorers have investigated more than 134 people. 6 miles (216. 6 kilometers)
The passage of the lychegulia cave.
Due to the subtle and scientific importance of the cave environment, only about 100 people are allowed into the cave each year, most of which are reviewed explorers and scientists.
Most of the newly discovered leqiu Gulia caves are located in a rocky layer called the Yates Group, with deep red, orange and yellow rocks, with relatively few stalactites and stalactites.
The intact nature of the cave of lecugu has always been the gospel of research.
A recent study published in the journal PLoS ONE found that ancient bacteria in caves had surprising bacterial resistance.
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